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Saturday, 14 June 2014

I'm writing from the airport where I have been for three hours already...our flight doesn't board for another hour!

Thomson seem to think four hours in advance is necessary! We also had agro at the ticket desk because when we changed the name of a Jess' boyfriend's flight to mine at Gatwick they didn't change the return...did they think I was just coming one way and going to live here? I think there are quite strict rules on that, plus I would get so fat if I lived here!

I hope I haven't put on much weight as we have been walking around so much but I bet I've put on a bit. There is a serious lack of healthy options out here - no wonder everyone is so fat! I've ordered another pack of BooTea to be at the office when I get back so I'm going to do that and eat really healthily for the two weeks I've got until my brothers wedding. I want to look good in my bridesmaid dress!

Yesterday was our final day and we went to Disney Magic Kingdom again. It was literally torrential rain - luckily we had our Harry Potter ponchos, although people looked at us like we were total traiters.

We started at Peter Pan's Flight. The wait time was 90 minutes which is mad it's literally a ride over the different bits of the story...not that exciting. We fast passed this so it took about 5 minutes.

Something I didn't realise is if you download the app for My Disney Experience and add the details for your tickets then you get three free passes per day. We used them for Peter Pan, Space Mountain, and Monsters Inc. if you get the app then book fast pass slots in advance as there are only a certain number available. There were none left for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Mine Train - the regular wait for this was 190 minutes so we didn't do this one. It's new so I think that is why there is such a wait.

After Peter Pan we did the Haunted Mansion again, there are a couple of secret things to spot so we looked out for those. Mr Toad has a gravestone in the pet cemetery as the Winnie the Pooh ride has replaced the Wind in the Willows one. When that ride changed they made him a gravestone. There is also an engagement ring embedded in the floor at the exit to the ride. Apparently it's the bride character in the rides ring and she threw it out the window. The only thing is however hard we looked we couldn't find it! Someone enlighten me as to where it is!

We saw the parade again, but this time from a better angle! I'm quite pleased with the below picture! We were standing somewhere else but some fat woman got mad at us so we moved...glad we did now! I hope she couldn't see!

The sun came out for the parade which was nice - the magic of Disney!

Next it was time for our fast passes for Space Mountain and Monsters Inc... I would avoid both. Space Mountain isn't all it's hyped up to be and Monsters Inc I can safely say is shit. It's a virtual comedy show and I hate comedy shows at the best of times.

We then ate dinner and picked up some sorcerers cards from behind the Christmas shop. There are TV portals all over the park and it's a game where you meet Disney villains and have to defeat them with your spells...it passed some time. There were some seriously keen kids doing it though! They had spell books full of cards....I bet they are the cool kids at school!

We finished by watching the parade and the firework show which was so magical! Literally sooo magical - a really good ending to a trip with my best friend! We got matching friendship bracelets :)

I've still got 40 minutes until boarding... Then I will be back in the UK with a dating update post! I actually have a post even though I have only seen two hot guys in these whole two weeks and they were both performers in shows so probably gay. My latest dating drama is virtual and iPhone based! I hope he doesn't read it!!

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