Florida day 9-10 Universal, Epcot and Hollywood Studios

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Yesterday we went to the second half of Universal. It was literally SO hot!
I wore my new Keds (which I am in love with), my new Forever 21 shorts and a crop top from primark which I got years ago. Oh and my sexy fanny pack!

I really recommend Keds. I bought a pair of white loafers with me to America (which are my favourite all time shoes) but I made the mistake of wearing them to Seaworld where they got drenched. They literally are the worst smelling thing I've ever smelt now :( I tried to save them by filling them with baking powder but that did nothing and now they have had to go in the bin. Wahhhh! Luckily I have my new Keds to replace them or I don't know what I'd do!

Anyway enough about shoes! We started on the Mummy ride which I've done before. It is a really good indoor roller coaster and I recommend. We went on it twice.

Next we wandered along to "Springfield" and ran into the best thing of the day... London! And not just any from of London, Wizard London.

The new section of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is opening this summer and we got to see the back of it. There was Kings Cross station, Leicester Square tube, a bank kind of building which I didn't recognise, Grimmauld Place and the Night Bus! We also saw the Hogwarts Express coming into the station. We asked staff whether there was any chance of a preview as we are from London but they weren't keen (rude). The staff don't even know when it opens and haven't seen inside yet! 

I will be honest I got totally over excited. 

Next we went to Springfield and are lunch at Krusy Burger. We both has Hummus and crudités from Lisa's healthy section (thank god, I miss raw vegetables so much!!) and shared a side if Kurly Krusty fries which were really good! Springfield was really cool. I used to watch it when I came home from school and I forgot so much of the stuff. I DO NOT recommend the ride though, it was a simulator and we both felt quite vommy afterwards!
We also went on ET which is great and Twister where you experience what a hurricane is like. We were going to do the new Transformers ride but the queue was soooo long and it was so hot! 
We had dinner at Bubba Gump - really good food but I don't really get any of the stuff in there as I haven't seen Forrest Gump. Jess was not impressed. I don't really watch films or TV at home. I don't even have a TV in my flat! I just watch Game of Thrones on my IPad.

In the evening when we got back to the hotel we walked to WallMart to do some shopping. It might have got a bit out of control:

We aren't porkers the food is for our offices! Or most of it anyway... I bought a lot of makeup which I'm going to review. I love american makeup brands and I'm really impressed by the bits I tried out this morning.

Todayyyy we had a good day but there were a few disasters! We hadn't booked on the transfer last night as we were tired so we tried this morning...there wasn't space so we were going to have to wait for two hours! Luckily we hung around and managed to fit on the bus.

We headed to Epcot for the morning and planned to head over to Hollywood Studios in the afternoon. We have a 5 day pass which can be used over 14 days...however we forgot that you can't do two "big" Disney parks on the same day (blizzard beach and typhoon lagoon are counted as "small" parks).

Epcot is based around a lake and each section is a different country.

We started at the UK, obviously.
The weird thing I'm holding is a platypus shaped fan...it was SO HOT!!.
I'm wearing my new Forever 21 shorts and my hooters Sarasota top!

We (very slowly and warmly) walked round the lake...missing out Paris because it pisses me off (it was where I got engaged...brilliant) and had lunch in Morocco (which upset me too as it was where we used to go on holiday together all the time) then I remembereddddd, and Jess reminded me, that I am much happier now. So heyho, no need to get upset but I'm just being honest!

Anyway lunch was really good, we had hummus, tabbouleh and chicken, falafel and lamb in pittas. Yum! No chips!!

We then headed over to Hollywood Studios (after stopping at a fake car wash and cooling off in the mist machines, I recommend).

When we got to Hollywood Studios we realised our error that we can't do two big parks in one day so we had to pay about £20 to add park hopping to our passes...not the end of the world!

The first thing we did was watch Beast and Belle live. This was a musical/play of the story of Beauty and the Beast. It was half an hour long and done SO well. That itself was worth £20.

Whilst we were watching this a torrential storm started (all the people at the back of the amphitheatre got soaked) and it got really cold. Next we tried to go on Tower of Terror but it was an 180 minute wait which is just mad! Instead we went to The Little Mermaid. This was another show which was really good, but Ariel was a really quiet singer so that let it down a bit. Finally we went on the great Movie Ride which took you through loads of different film sets. It was really good but the tour guide man was a bit cringe. I feel bad that his job is to be really enthusiastic and no one is enthusiastic back!

We then made our way back to the Magic Kingdom car park to get our bus at 6pm. The only mistake was we got the bus to the Magic Kingdom not the carpark....the carpark is a boat ride away! This was all at 5.45. We ran for the boat (in the pouring rain) then ran from the boat slipping as we went to get to our minibus. Literally I have not run that fast or hard for ages! We made it though and got home.

A slightly stressful day, if we hadn't got the bus we would have had to wait two hours for the next one!

But a good day all the same!

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