Florida day 7-8 Blizzard Beach and DISCOVERY COVE

Monday, 9 June 2014


Calm down Emma! I need to talk about yesterday first but I want to talk about it quickly so I can get to today!

Yesterday we went to Disney and then got a bus over to Blizzard Beach. I didn't really appreciate how big Disney is. It has a whole bus system!

We checked all our stuff in a locker and headed to the lazy river. One thing I would say is that the locker was $13 with a $5 deposit which I think is a bit unfair as you are already paying so much to go into the water park. Another point is the floors were boilinggggg I swear to god we burnt the bottom of our feet. They had water squirting out over some of the path but you had to run between each patch  because it was so hot. I would recommend that they add more of those water sections!

The lazy river was good - you went round in rubber rings but it wasn't really a patch on Aquatica. Everyone says Blizzard Beach is the best waterpark but I don't think it is. They do have a really long single slide which looks terrifying - I couldn't try it because I was wearing a bikini (don't want to flash the children) and I wouldn't have gone on anyway! It looked terrifying. I'm not sure I'm the best person to review these things. We never go on the scary slides we just float round the lazy river! 

They had a massive wave pool which was better than Aquaticas and it had rubber rings in it. However there was only about one ring for every four people so we didn't get to go in one which was a shame as it looked fun. We also went on the bit rubber ring ride (for four people). We got stuck with a veryyyy large woman and her daughter so the weighting was a bit off!! There are certainly a fair few far people in America. And when I say a fair few I mean LOADSSS.

It was a fun day but it did not compare to today!!

We got up at 6 and Jess skyped her parents and opened a couple of presents which her mum had sent with her. We then headed to Discovery Cove. 
It is an all inclusive day so you get there early and have breakfast. The food was good but we didn't eat too much as we had our dolphin swim at 9.15.
The dolphin swim was literally incredible! We started with an induction where we signed a piece of paper that said if we DIED we couldn't sue! I was a little concerned that my life assurance policy might not cover me if I died via dolphin and had signed away my rights but heyho everything went fine! We were separated into groups with about 10 people per group and got to stroke the dolphin and see him do tricks. We then swam out into deep water one at a time and held onto the fin to be dragged back. We then got to have group picture and pictures kissing the dolphin. Here is mine! The ones of my actually kissing it looked a bit dodge (too intimate - jokessss) so I bought the one where we are just lovingly looking at each other!
I think we were in the water for about half an hour or forty minutes. I wish we could do it again it was so wonderful. Discovery Cove must make so much money, it was £200 for Seaworld Aquatica and Discovery Cover with a dolphin swim and bearing in mind there were about 40 people in the water at a time (four groups) and there were three separate pools and slots every hour! That's £8,000 per pool so £24,000 an hour!

This was our excitement afterwards!!

We then went in the lazy river which you snorkel through. It is quite long and you get off halfway through to go to the aviary. You get a pot of food and the birds come and sit on you and eat. We took some pictures with a water proof camera so we will have to see how those come out! This lazy river was freshwater and was so lovely and warm. 

The salt water pool on the other hand was freezing!! It was incredible though, it was a coral reef with so many fish and stingrays the size of a double bed! As we know I love stingrayssss so I was in my element. They also had glass walls into a shark tank so it felt like you were swimming with sharks!

The final pool was freshwater (so warm) and had an island with monkeys in the middle and a glass wall into an otter tank. This pool was connected to a shallow pool with chairs in where you could drink the all inclusive cocktails yayyyy!

It was the best day EVER!!! Happy Birthday Jess!! Thank you so much for sharing your birthday with me!!

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