Florida day 4 - Outlet Shopping

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Yesterday was the longest day ever! 12 hours at Disney did us over, so we decided to go shopping rather than hit up another theme park. We went to the Orlando Premium Outlets which I went to last time I came to Florida.

We started in Victoria Secret, the main place we wanted to visit. I find Victoria Secret so expensive in London and this Outlet was soooo cheap that we went a bit mad.

I bought:
5 knickers for $25 (usually between $12-$15 each) these are the most flattering knickers in the world I already have a fair few pairs.

A super soft jumper which I got for $6.99 (should have been $28)

A roll on perfume for $9 (should have been $18)

The most beautiful robe which should have been $100! I got it for $24.99. It is literally gorgeous I'm going to wear it when I get ready in the mornings....hopefully in my new flat as I heard yesterday the mortgage has been approved by both stages of underwriters and valuations are going ahead. FINGERS CROSSED!!,

We then headed to Forever 21 which we were both a bit disappointed with. The sizes were so odd. Some of the shorts said UK 10 and were definitely a UK6-8 ... Not big enough for my bum!
I did get the below shorts though for $18

The next thing I got at the outlet was a pair of Keds. My pump trainer thingys have see. Better days and Disney killed them slightly. I think my new ones are cute! Probably won't be white for long though! They were $39 but I justified the purchase as I need them for 10 more days of theme parks!

Finally I bought a hell of a lot of hand sanitiser from Bath and Body Works. That sounds odd but they have amazing flavours! See below!! (Flavours? Not sure that is right, maybe scents is better!)
Island margarita, sweet pea, vanilla berry sorbet, pink chiffon, island nectar
I'm not a looney though, some of them are gifts. I bet you want to be my friend! You get hand sanatiser as a gift! Lol!

We then headed off the WallGreens to look at the makeup. I bought the below two nail polishes plus a waterproof camera for the next water park!
The polishes are 430 Solar Flare and 490 Sun Shower by Revlon and the powder is a matifying powder from wet and wild, I've wanted a clear powder for a while so I will see how this one shapes up!
490 sun shower

We came back, painted our nails anddddd then this happened...

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