Florida Day 3 - DISNEY!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

So yesterday we did Disney, and when I say we did Disney I mean we did 12 hourssss!

We got the boat over and were pretty bloody excited! I went when I was 21 but Jess hasn't been since she was 4. Here is our excitement:
I took my Minnie ears with me which I bought last time! They are $21 each so I figured it was a good idea to recycle!

We got to the park at 10.30 and our pick up was at 10.30 so we tried to pace ourselves. We started at Gaston's Tavern which is quite new and had a Le Fou Brew
It was frozen apple juice with toasted marshmallow and topped with mango foam. It was soooo good and really refreshing. It was a really hot morning so it was nice to have something fruity. I got all excited that I would tan in the heat...but AGAIN I haven't even changed colour :(

The first ride we went on was the little mermaid one. You sit in a clam and it takes you through the whole story, we sung along! We then went on thunder mountain and pirates of the Caribbean...both weren't the highlights of my life to be honest. Then it was time for the parade! A really nice couple let us stand in front of them (as they came to Disney every month!) and it meant that we had the best view ever. Jess was wearing an "it's my birthday badge" and all the characters wished her a happy birthday as they walked past! The only disappointing thing with the parade is that they never have my two favourite characters Jasmine and Pocahuntus!

The coolest bit was definitely the dragon from sleeping beauty! It breathed fire!

After the parade we had to go have a sit as our feet were killing us! We took a couple of pictures which I think look pretty cool:

Jess' hands are a really funny shape so she finds it hard to do the heart (LOL sorry not sorry Jess)

We then went to the Haunted Mansion, Belles's Storytime (which was really fun and I would recommend more if you have children as they get to interact) and the steam boat.

Then it was time for the light show! I took so many pictures yesterday that it's hard to cut them down for this post, but here is one of the lightshow!

We then headed back home on the boat... 12 hours down and this is how tired I was! My feet hurt so bad! 
We are going again next Friday so that we can go later in the day and then stay for the fireworks! We saw them from the boat and they look incredible!

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