Florida Day 2 - Aquatica

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Yesterday we visited Seaworld's watermark which is called Aquatica.

We woke up and headed to DunkinDonuts to get a coffee and see what all the fuss is about!
There is an episode of Super Sweet 16 about a girl called Sophie who kicks up a massive fuss with her "mom" about how she wants a coffee coolatta from DunkinDonuts and it always reminds me of that!

We both had an iced caramel coffee and we ordered a medium... This was literally the size

Who needs that much coffee!! How big must a large have been!
We also both tried a Donut. I had chocolate chip and Jess had powdered sugar....they were so gross! English donuts are much better, any donut is much better, cheese is better....HA That's a lie! It was just so doughy and dry, not worth the calories so we binned them!

We then went to Aquatica and shoved all our stuff in a locker so I am afraid there is are only two pictures!
There is one water slide which goes through the dolphin enclosure. They are Commerson dolphins so they are black and white and quite small....I took a couple of pictures from the viewing platform bit. I didn't even know dolphins like that existed!

There were two tube rides that went through the enclosure so we tried them both out. To be honest the  section of the slide in the dolphin bit is quite short and you go quite quickly so if the dolphins aren't swimming by the tube you barely see them.

The main slides we did enjoy were the two massive rubberring rides. On HooRoo Run you go down together sitting across from each other. I told the man that it was Jess' birthday so he made sure she went down the whole thing backwards. I literally laughed hysterically the whole way down and couldn't breathe as she was screaming so much. We did it again and I went down backwards. I understand why she screamed it was SO fun but I screamed so much! The other one (Walhalla Wave) was in the same kind of ring but you went down a tube ride. This one was a bit more tame and not quite as fun.

Th best thing of the day though was definitely the rapids.you wore a life jacket thingy so you floated and the rapids went on forever. One of the reasons we liked it was because the water was warmest in this one! It was a pretty chilly day...by chilly I mean 28degrees, but it was windy and really cloudy so it felt freezing when you were queuing for rides out of the water.

One ride we didn't try was the new one called Ihus Breakaway Falls. You stand in a tube and the floor falls out from beneath you into the slide! Not my cup of tea thanks! 

We had such a fun day even if I did complain about the cold quite a lot. We finished the day by having cocktails at TGI Fridays and sharing a starter for dinner (we learnt our portion size lesson!)

Barbados Rum Punch and Peach Sangria

Pink Punk Cosmo with cotton candy in it!!

Yumyum! We finished the evening playing mini golf at Pirates Cove, now I am very competitive so when Jess was beating me by 5 when we were halfway round I had to step up my game! I had to make my Daddy proud who is a keen golfer. I ended up winning by 3 but Jess put up a really good game considering she told me she was bad at mini golf!

Pretty cool mini golf!


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