Florida day 11-12 Universal and Animal Kingdom

Friday, 13 June 2014

I am sitting in bed in my hotel room wearing little mermaid pyjamas drinking champagne out of a plastic cup and eating laffy taffy. I know how to have a bloody good time! Laffy taffy is brilliant it's chewey taffy in a long stick - I've got cherry flavour. I like eating it and singing the song laffy taffy by D4L "girl shake that laffy taffyyyy that laffy taffy". (A note to readers, do not google urban dictionary for laffy taffy or it will certainly ruin that song and the sweets for you!!! Seriously - ruined)

Yesterday we went back to Universal and they had removed the fences concealing Hogsmede station!

We started at Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, obviously, it is the best ride there is! I just love Harry Potter. I grew up reading the books and the first film came out when I was 11 and the characters were 11 too....I might have dressed up as Hermione to go see the first film...I even crimped my hair! Sexyyyyy. I don't care I'm proud that I'm a massive HP geek.

After the forbidden journey we went over to Marvel and the Spider-Man ride, it was literally torrentialllll rain so we thought being inside would be a good idea! The ride was actually really really good, it's a lot like the HP one (part ride and part simulator) which I think is a really good layout.

After that we went to the HP shop and bought ponchos! Again - sexy... I also got a Hogwarts crest Christmas decoration. I have a Disney castle one from my last trip to Florida so I thought I needed another this time. Hopefully I will have a tree in my new flat!

Today we went to Animal Kingdom at Disney. We started at the Finding Nemo Musical which was 40 minutes long and really well done:

We came out and it was pissssinngggg it down again!!

So we went on Safari!

The only thing I didn't like about the safari was that the tour guide said a couple of times about how the animals could roam free around the park....except between each area there were those metal cattle track things that stop cows crossing and also loads of chains to drive over...pretttyyyy sure the animals can't roam free between each enclosure!

Next we went on the Everest roller coaster. It was soooo good - the best roller coaster we've been on. You go up the mountain and the track stops so you go down it all backwards! It was terrifying but so good! We then did the Dinosaur ride which was inside and surrounded by dinosaurs (some of whom try to eat you!). This one was fun too but not as much as Everest,

Animal Kingdom in general was really good - except the weather!!

Tomorrow is our last day so are doing Magic Kingdom again! I don't want to leaveeee - I've got loads to do at home though and it's starting to stress me out! Catching up on two weeks of work, exchanging on my flat, packing up my current flat and preparing for my brothers wedding in two weeks! Eep!!

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