Florida Day 1 - Seaworld

Monday, 2 June 2014

Jess and I landed in Florida yesterday afternoon. The flight was pretty long which wasn't helped by the fact my TV barely worked and I was sat next quite a plump girl who had been to Orlando ten times before... Adventurous!

We got to the hotel, went straight to dinner then fell into bed exhausted! We both fell asleep by 9.30 pm and woke up at about 5.30am. As we were already awake we got an early start and headed to IHOP!

I freaking love IHOP. My Uncle introduced me and now it is a must whenever I come to the States. However I try to limit myself to one trip as it' isn't exactly healthy.... See below!

We then headed off to Seaworld! The first stop on our 14 day trip of the many theme parks. I bought a pretty sexy bumbag (fannypack!) so that I didn't have to carry a handbag. Pretty safe and sensible invention I must say....I am literally turning into a middle aged tourist woman this is worrying!
I'm wearing a top from Brandy Melville on the Kings Road, shorts I have had for 10 years!, and my new bumbaggggg from a gift shop on International Drive!

We spent 8 and a half hours at Seaworld...definitely got our money's worth! We started at the sting rays which is my favourite bit! I have great childhood memories of stroking the sting rays at the London Aquariam (which apparently you aren't allowed to do anymore) and when I came to Florida in 2011 I lovedddd the sting rays. You can feed them and they suck the food out of your hand!
We saw ALL of Seaworld in those 8 and a half hours so I will just mention my favourite bits!

Next we went to Blue Horizons which is a show involving dolphins and their trainers. I recommend this so much, the show is amazing and it's mad how intelligent the animals are. We saw Shamu as well and the killer whales are so intelligent too! We both haven't watched blackfish so don't know the full extent of what goes on at Seaworld but we thought the animals seemed really happy. I might watch it on my return but it will probably make me really sad!
Dolphin encounter
Blue Horizons

One thing I do not recommend is Turtle Treck. It was a 3D 360degrees film and it made us both feel really sick!

Also try not to go on a day when it keeps torrentially raining!! We went on the Journey to Atlantis Ride in the morning as it was really hot and we wanted to cool down on a water ride...we didn't get wet enough the first time around so we did it again...this time we literally got drenched! 
I don't look that wet but I swear to god I was drippingggg wet!

My shoes are still wet and it's 10.30pm! I was wearing denim shorts as well and they don't dry quickly (or at all apparently!!) Just after we got off the ride drenched, the sun went in...then it rained...

We finished the evening with dinner at Chuy's Mexican restaurant and Margaritassss numnumnum

Tomorrow Aquatica! Let's hope it doesn't rain there!

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