10 Things Women Want In A Man

Monday, 23 June 2014

So I was sitting at home with a glass of red wine packing up my flat (a rocking Monday night) and I was thinking about what kind of things I would put on youtube if I do make a channel...

My blogs which get the most reads are the ones about dating - clearly - it's interesting, everyone is nosey and I think girls and guys want to read it whereas maybe the makeup reviews guys don't want to read!

Thing is I don't plan to make video blogs about dates. I don't want to speak to a camera about dates I've been on - it feels awkward and it feels intimate. Plus I don't want to scare someone off if I like them! To be honest if I like someone I'm not going to go into masses of detail on my blog... It's the ones I haven't liked that I've done this for not the ones I like! I'm not stupid!

Anywayssss I thought I would let you boys in on a little secret... 10 Things Women Want In A Man.
Girls if you disagree with me comment below so I can read your thoughts, but I think these are pretty standard. They aren't in order of importance by the way!

Here I am pretending to be a man...sexy

10. You need to have a job. I'm not saying you need to be minted and rolling in cash but you've at least got to have some kind of job and hopefully something you are passionate about and enjoy - although of course for lots of people that isn't the case. I want to come home and talk about my day at work and listen to yours. I don't want you moping about the f-ing house on your arse because you don't work. My job is a huge part of my life and I think that's normal. So yeah basically get a job... Preferably one that makes a bit of money. I don't want to be supporting you and then resenting you.

9. Be a gentleman. It is literally so nice when someone opens the door for you, pulls out your chair for you, carries your bag. It's the little things which I've noticed so many men don't do. It doesn't take much to let me get into the lift first. I don't mean being a gentleman and always footing the bill I mean the things that don't cost money. Also be polite to waiters and people who work in the supermarket etc - it is so unattractive when someone is rude and thinks they are above people.

8. Be nice to your Mum (and Sister if you have one). It shows so much about a guy by the way he treats his Mum. If you aren't kind to her and don't respect her what are you going to be like with me?

7. Don't play games. Just don't. I understand the whole "treat them mean keep them keen" thing but I don't believe it. If you want to speak to me do! And I will do the same. It is especially annoying when you know someone has read your message and they don't reply. P.S. If you've put a picture on Instagram or liked something on Facebook I know you're on your phone. Plus whatsapp or iMessage generally tell you when someone's read the message unless you have that setting disabled which just makes me think you're a game player anyway! 

6. Keep promises, don't lie and don't cheat. These are all under the same title. Basically if we are going out and I know you well I know when you're lying. Girls kind of just know - we are magical! Plus if you want to go and get with other girls just don't be in a relationship, you can never have the best of both worlds. Lastly don't make promises you don't intend on keeping. I pride myself on my organisation as a person and I WILL remember.

5. Try and be confident not arrogant. Confidence is sexy. Arrogance is not. Enough said!

4. Pretty obvious, but don't be selfish in bed. It's not just about you it's about both people. And just a note, if you care about making your girl happy she will be much more enthusiastic about making you happy. Just sayingggg.

Bit depressing huh!

3. I'm sorry but I've got to find you attractive. Every girl has different tastes so there is someone for everyone, but if I don't want to do number 4. (above) with you then it is not going to go well. Obviously there are exceptions when you fall in love with someone for their personality etc etc but even then there has to be something you find attractive about that person. People can't change their looks (unless you're going to resort to surgery which probably isn't the best idea) but you can keep yourself well groomed, dress well, act confident.

2. Show you care. I'm a really affectionate person, I want to be kissed and cuddled and have someone tell me they love me. Some of my friends are the complete opposite so maybe this point shouldn't be on here but heyho I've started typing now. Maybe learn what kind of girl you're dealing with first, but for me, show me you like me. Kiss me on the forehead in the lift or hold my hand when we're walking, whisper you love me. I'm not talking a full on PDA snog but just little things. I think most girls like that.

1. Lastly - keep it up. No not like that naughtyyyy! I mean don't stop doing the above. Just because you've been together 5 years and the honeymoon period is over, don't stop showing the one you love that you care. Even if it's something small like emptying the dishwasher or sending her a text just to say you're thinking of her - it's doing something for the other person just because you care for them.

A little disclaimer, I am sure there are 10 things that men want from a woman! If anyone has written anything on that then send the link my way I would be interested to read! I try not to play games and I try just to make the man I'm with happy. My best boyfriend (he lovessss when I call him that - not) says I'm a 50s housewife!! Rude! 
Everyone is different so I think it's just about learning what the person you are with likes in a relationship. Same with girls - the above aren't "The Rules" they are just my preferences!

Lots of love! I'm at over 4,000 views today so thank you so much! 


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