10 Beauty Tips

Monday, 30 June 2014

My top 10 beauty tips...

1. Don't wash your hair too often!! I know some people wash their hair every day and I get that if you go to the gym, but I don't go to the gym...ever - oops. I wash my hair twice or three times a week tops. Hair down for two days then up for one with some dry shampoo if I need it. My hair has grown quite a lot in the past year and I attribute that to not washing it too much. Every time I wash my hair then brush  my hair, so much comes out in the brush. I have a tangle teaser so it's not like I'm using a paddle brush and pulling really hard. Don't worry I'm not balding! My hairdresser says it's normal but that I just notice it more because it's so dark. Anyhow the less I wash my hair the less I brush it!

I am currently switching between two shampoos, FAST (Fortified Amino Scalp Treatment) which helps your hair grow and I do think it does. (You can get it from the chemist) And herbal essences - long term relationship (it mocks me!!). FAST is really good but I use herbal essences when I feel my hair needs a bit of shine. That's not really FASTs strong point so I swap between the two. I also put hair oil in my hair the night before I know I'm going to wash it in the morning. I use a coconut one from the body shop but you can always just put some conditioner in the night before. I therefore do this about twice a week

2. When you put hand cream on put it on the back of your hands not the palms. Your hands are a part of you that really shows your age and you can't have plastic surgery on them! The palm of your hand is kind of like the sole of your foot so it doesn't really age and doesn't really absorb the cream. Put the cream on the back of your hands and rub together then rub any leftover cream into your palms.

3. Use Germaline on your lips. I can't take credit for this because I only learnt this tip this weekend! I literally loveeee the smell of Germaline. In my house we used to call it ouch cream and sometimes I put it under my nose just to smell it! ... Obviously when I'm alone in my house!! Anyway you put it on your lips and it makes them super soft and really quickly helps with chappedness. If that is even a word.

4. Another hair tip which most people know I think but when you have washed out your conditioner rinse your hair with cold water. It closes up the follicles and makes your hair shine. Also (I) avoid a hair dryer like the plague. I also never use straighteners and only use curlers about once a week. I know that's not an option for everyone but it's what I do. Luckily my hair drys straight on its own.

5. When you spray your perfume on obviously do it on your neck and wrists, but also do the backs of your knees and behind your neck. Throughout the day the scent wafts up!

6. Keep your nail varnish in the fridge! Sometimes my fridge only has nail varnish in it...usually nail varnish, ketchup and vodka (my freezer in this flat is tiny so I can't keep the vodka there!) I have always done this, I can't imagine keeping my nail varnish in a cupboard!

7. Use a lip scrub. I have one from Lush and as I usually have red wine lips a scrub is always a good idea - makes them kissable :)

8. Use bio oil on scars. I swear by this stuff, it's quite expensive for the size bottle you get but worth it. I also use it on my face but not everyday. It makes my skin glowey, but I'm sure it's not for everyone's skin so consider the oiliness if your own skin before you go slapping it on your face!

9. Curl your eyelashes. I didn't curl my eyelashes for about two years, I just couldn't be arsed in the morning and I got out of the habit. I got my eyelash curlers out the other month and realised what a difference it makes! Especially if you have straight lashes. To make your lashes longer and fuller put Vaseline on them before you go to bed!

10. For bright white teeth I use crest strips. I like my teeth WHITE! When I go to America I stock up or alternatively I get them off ebay and just buy them individually rather than in a big box. I know it's bad to whiten your teeth, it makes them sensitive blablabla, but I went through a lot of dental work as a child so I want to make my teeth look super good and be proud of them. I sucked my thumb ALOT and could fit my whole thumb in my mouth with my mouth closed...that's how bad my overbite was! Hence all the braces.

For those of you wondering the Wedding this weekend was so so wonderful and amazing and magical, but I'm not going to blog about it because it isn't my day to share with the world it's my brother and sister in law's.

Lots of love


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