10 Beauty Tips

Monday, 30 June 2014

My top 10 beauty tips...

1. Don't wash your hair too often!! I know some people wash their hair every day and I get that if you go to the gym, but I don't go to the gym...ever - oops. I wash my hair twice or three times a week tops. Hair down for two days then up for one with some dry shampoo if I need it. My hair has grown quite a lot in the past year and I attribute that to not washing it too much. Every time I wash my hair then brush  my hair, so much comes out in the brush. I have a tangle teaser so it's not like I'm using a paddle brush and pulling really hard. Don't worry I'm not balding! My hairdresser says it's normal but that I just notice it more because it's so dark. Anyhow the less I wash my hair the less I brush it!

I am currently switching between two shampoos, FAST (Fortified Amino Scalp Treatment) which helps your hair grow and I do think it does. (You can get it from the chemist) And herbal essences - long term relationship (it mocks me!!). FAST is really good but I use herbal essences when I feel my hair needs a bit of shine. That's not really FASTs strong point so I swap between the two. I also put hair oil in my hair the night before I know I'm going to wash it in the morning. I use a coconut one from the body shop but you can always just put some conditioner in the night before. I therefore do this about twice a week

2. When you put hand cream on put it on the back of your hands not the palms. Your hands are a part of you that really shows your age and you can't have plastic surgery on them! The palm of your hand is kind of like the sole of your foot so it doesn't really age and doesn't really absorb the cream. Put the cream on the back of your hands and rub together then rub any leftover cream into your palms.

3. Use Germaline on your lips. I can't take credit for this because I only learnt this tip this weekend! I literally loveeee the smell of Germaline. In my house we used to call it ouch cream and sometimes I put it under my nose just to smell it! ... Obviously when I'm alone in my house!! Anyway you put it on your lips and it makes them super soft and really quickly helps with chappedness. If that is even a word.

4. Another hair tip which most people know I think but when you have washed out your conditioner rinse your hair with cold water. It closes up the follicles and makes your hair shine. Also (I) avoid a hair dryer like the plague. I also never use straighteners and only use curlers about once a week. I know that's not an option for everyone but it's what I do. Luckily my hair drys straight on its own.

5. When you spray your perfume on obviously do it on your neck and wrists, but also do the backs of your knees and behind your neck. Throughout the day the scent wafts up!

6. Keep your nail varnish in the fridge! Sometimes my fridge only has nail varnish in it...usually nail varnish, ketchup and vodka (my freezer in this flat is tiny so I can't keep the vodka there!) I have always done this, I can't imagine keeping my nail varnish in a cupboard!

7. Use a lip scrub. I have one from Lush and as I usually have red wine lips a scrub is always a good idea - makes them kissable :)

8. Use bio oil on scars. I swear by this stuff, it's quite expensive for the size bottle you get but worth it. I also use it on my face but not everyday. It makes my skin glowey, but I'm sure it's not for everyone's skin so consider the oiliness if your own skin before you go slapping it on your face!

9. Curl your eyelashes. I didn't curl my eyelashes for about two years, I just couldn't be arsed in the morning and I got out of the habit. I got my eyelash curlers out the other month and realised what a difference it makes! Especially if you have straight lashes. To make your lashes longer and fuller put Vaseline on them before you go to bed!

10. For bright white teeth I use crest strips. I like my teeth WHITE! When I go to America I stock up or alternatively I get them off ebay and just buy them individually rather than in a big box. I know it's bad to whiten your teeth, it makes them sensitive blablabla, but I went through a lot of dental work as a child so I want to make my teeth look super good and be proud of them. I sucked my thumb ALOT and could fit my whole thumb in my mouth with my mouth closed...that's how bad my overbite was! Hence all the braces.

For those of you wondering the Wedding this weekend was so so wonderful and amazing and magical, but I'm not going to blog about it because it isn't my day to share with the world it's my brother and sister in law's.

Lots of love


Wedding Prep

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Wedding is tomorrow!! Eep! 

We have had a full on pamper day. I started at 8.30am by getting eyelash extensions. I had these done about 6 weeks ago and literally loved them but as I went to Florida I missed out on getting my infills! They all fell out in Florida so unfortunately I had to get a whole new set today.

I looked into getting lash extensions in London but I figured it would be cheaper at home in Sussex. I paid £60 for a classic set of synthetic mink lash extensions. It is £25 for an infill which is about every three weeks.

Mink lashes sounds a bit funny but basically then brush the mink like you would a cat and then the hair that comes off in the brush is used as lash extensions. The mink hair is really fine and soft, hence people wear mink fur! I wanted the real mink ones but they are £10 more expensive so I figured I would get synthetic. I find the synthetic ones fine, they aren't heavy or anything.

I went to Wicked Lashes in Ifield. 


A lady called Mary has a salon room in her house and she asked me what length I wanted etc when I arrived. As I wear glasses we went for 10mm with a couple of 12mm ones on the outer edges. I wanted something quite natural looking - not like TOWIE!

She is really nice and took about two hours on mine today rather than an hour and a half as she wanted them to look really nice for the wedding.

Your bottom lashes are stuck down with a kind of masking tape (which doesn't hurt) and then you close your eyes. She then applies an individual lash to each of your individual lashes. The lashes aren't glued to your skin like regular strip fake lashes. This means that when your natural lash falls out the synthetic one attached to it will fall out too. The whole process as I said takes about an hour and a half. You are left with amazing lashes though which don't need mascara!

Overexcited faceeeeee.

I would recommend lash extensions I really like them and it means when you wake up in the morning you already look presentable. 

I love them!

Anyways then I drove to The Maid of Honours salon to get my nails done and have a haircut.  I had a gel French manicure and we had Buck's Fizz and naughty M&S snacks...mmmm. 

The Salon is called Bellamie and is in Handcross. 


The salon is so gorgeous with big wooden beams and they do spa services as well as hair and nails. I had my eyebrows done once there and it literally changed my whole face! Definitely recommend this salon and I'm not just saying that because I'm going to be related to the owner! 

After my haircut (just a teeny trimmmm) I went home to see my Grandma who had just arrived. We had lunch and then my mum and I went to help with he marquee. The marquee looks stunning, the girls have made everything by hand and put so much effort in! Tomorrow is going to be the most incredible day, I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight! Maybe this gin and elderflower tonic will help numnumnummmmm.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

Thursday, 26 June 2014

This Saturday is my brother's Wedding so I came home to Sussex last night to help with any last minute preparations and have a few appointments...opticians, eyelashes, nails, hair, wedding rehearsal etc.

And in case you wondered I am the most excited I think I've ever been for any event EVER.

This morning I headed into town to go to the opticians. My contact lenses have been bugging me recently so I wanted to get some different ones... anyway whilst I was there I went shopping :) Obviously!

I got a beauty blender! 

I've wanted one for ages but never got round to it. Plus I quite like using my fingers to apply my CC Cream or foundation. I got the Real Techniques one. The "Original Beauty Blender" doesn't seem to be available in Boots or Superdrug. I got the Real Techniques one from Superdrug as they didn't have it in Boots and it was £6.99 whereas the Original Beauty Blender is £16 (I just checked on their website). Quite a difference in price but from reviews I've read the Real Technique one wins!

The beauty blender (which is what I'm going to call this even though technically it is a "Miracle Complexion Sponge") is a kind of egg shaped sponge (not a fun sponge!!) with a pointy end for applying foundation around your nose etc. You can use it wet or dry. Today I used it dry but I am going to try it wet tomorrow. Then I will know which technique I prefer for the WeddUing on Saturday.

Unlike the original beauty blender this one has a more pointed side which if you contour with cream rather than powders would be perfect.

Once you've got the standard sillyness out of the way...

Do you want to build a snowmannnnn

Anyway! Like I said I used it dry and put my Smashbox CC Cream in Medium on the back of my hand. I felt like the sponge absorbed quite a bit of product, but I've now looked online and apparently it doesn't do that when wet. I had to probably use 50% more product than usual. It was worth it though, it gives you that airbrushed looking finish. Here I am with just the CC cream on, I used the side for the big areas of my face then the point to do my inner eye corners and around my nose.

I then added my powders, bronzer, blush and highlighter. They actually went on really smoothly over the CC Cream. I think that's what I like the most about the beauty blender, it just made my base really smooth.

I then added the rest of my makeup. The other day I mentioned how much I love my new Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow. It is literally so good! I recommend to anyone who currently uses a pencil, you can build up the colour and use a thin brush to get the look you want.

Here is my finished look. I mean come on how much better do my brows look in the before and after. Brows are my THING so I'm so glad I found this product.


Wet the sponge. It works so much better and doesn't absorb all the product you are applying to your face!

10 Things Women Want In A Man

Monday, 23 June 2014

So I was sitting at home with a glass of red wine packing up my flat (a rocking Monday night) and I was thinking about what kind of things I would put on youtube if I do make a channel...

My blogs which get the most reads are the ones about dating - clearly - it's interesting, everyone is nosey and I think girls and guys want to read it whereas maybe the makeup reviews guys don't want to read!

Thing is I don't plan to make video blogs about dates. I don't want to speak to a camera about dates I've been on - it feels awkward and it feels intimate. Plus I don't want to scare someone off if I like them! To be honest if I like someone I'm not going to go into masses of detail on my blog... It's the ones I haven't liked that I've done this for not the ones I like! I'm not stupid!

Anywayssss I thought I would let you boys in on a little secret... 10 Things Women Want In A Man.
Girls if you disagree with me comment below so I can read your thoughts, but I think these are pretty standard. They aren't in order of importance by the way!

Here I am pretending to be a man...sexy

10. You need to have a job. I'm not saying you need to be minted and rolling in cash but you've at least got to have some kind of job and hopefully something you are passionate about and enjoy - although of course for lots of people that isn't the case. I want to come home and talk about my day at work and listen to yours. I don't want you moping about the f-ing house on your arse because you don't work. My job is a huge part of my life and I think that's normal. So yeah basically get a job... Preferably one that makes a bit of money. I don't want to be supporting you and then resenting you.

9. Be a gentleman. It is literally so nice when someone opens the door for you, pulls out your chair for you, carries your bag. It's the little things which I've noticed so many men don't do. It doesn't take much to let me get into the lift first. I don't mean being a gentleman and always footing the bill I mean the things that don't cost money. Also be polite to waiters and people who work in the supermarket etc - it is so unattractive when someone is rude and thinks they are above people.

8. Be nice to your Mum (and Sister if you have one). It shows so much about a guy by the way he treats his Mum. If you aren't kind to her and don't respect her what are you going to be like with me?

7. Don't play games. Just don't. I understand the whole "treat them mean keep them keen" thing but I don't believe it. If you want to speak to me do! And I will do the same. It is especially annoying when you know someone has read your message and they don't reply. P.S. If you've put a picture on Instagram or liked something on Facebook I know you're on your phone. Plus whatsapp or iMessage generally tell you when someone's read the message unless you have that setting disabled which just makes me think you're a game player anyway! 

6. Keep promises, don't lie and don't cheat. These are all under the same title. Basically if we are going out and I know you well I know when you're lying. Girls kind of just know - we are magical! Plus if you want to go and get with other girls just don't be in a relationship, you can never have the best of both worlds. Lastly don't make promises you don't intend on keeping. I pride myself on my organisation as a person and I WILL remember.

5. Try and be confident not arrogant. Confidence is sexy. Arrogance is not. Enough said!

4. Pretty obvious, but don't be selfish in bed. It's not just about you it's about both people. And just a note, if you care about making your girl happy she will be much more enthusiastic about making you happy. Just sayingggg.

Bit depressing huh!

3. I'm sorry but I've got to find you attractive. Every girl has different tastes so there is someone for everyone, but if I don't want to do number 4. (above) with you then it is not going to go well. Obviously there are exceptions when you fall in love with someone for their personality etc etc but even then there has to be something you find attractive about that person. People can't change their looks (unless you're going to resort to surgery which probably isn't the best idea) but you can keep yourself well groomed, dress well, act confident.

2. Show you care. I'm a really affectionate person, I want to be kissed and cuddled and have someone tell me they love me. Some of my friends are the complete opposite so maybe this point shouldn't be on here but heyho I've started typing now. Maybe learn what kind of girl you're dealing with first, but for me, show me you like me. Kiss me on the forehead in the lift or hold my hand when we're walking, whisper you love me. I'm not talking a full on PDA snog but just little things. I think most girls like that.

1. Lastly - keep it up. No not like that naughtyyyy! I mean don't stop doing the above. Just because you've been together 5 years and the honeymoon period is over, don't stop showing the one you love that you care. Even if it's something small like emptying the dishwasher or sending her a text just to say you're thinking of her - it's doing something for the other person just because you care for them.

A little disclaimer, I am sure there are 10 things that men want from a woman! If anyone has written anything on that then send the link my way I would be interested to read! I try not to play games and I try just to make the man I'm with happy. My best boyfriend (he lovessss when I call him that - not) says I'm a 50s housewife!! Rude! 
Everyone is different so I think it's just about learning what the person you are with likes in a relationship. Same with girls - the above aren't "The Rules" they are just my preferences!

Lots of love! I'm at over 4,000 views today so thank you so much! 


Youtube Beauty Bloggers + Hard Candy 3 Strikes Review

Sunday, 22 June 2014

When I was in America I might have gone a bit craycray for all the makeup - I just got so excited about the brands which you can't get here in England. I watch loads of beauty bloggers on youtube and they always seem to have products I'm jealous of. My favourite beauty girls are:

Lauren Curtis http://m.youtube.com/user/laurenbeautyy
Karissa Pukas http://m.youtube.com/user/saturdaynightsalrite
Shaaanxo http://m.youtube.com/user/shaaanxo
Smlx0 http://m.youtube.com/user/SMLx0

I think my favourite is Stephanie (smlx0) I think because we have the same hair colour (which she describes as espresso" I like that!) and similar skin tones although she is deffo more tanned, her makeup tutorials suit me.

I met with two guys yesterday who want to market me onto youtube rather than just have me type my blogs so who knows maybe you will see me on youtube soon! If I am anywhere near as good as those four I will be seriously happy!

Anyway! The American makeup! Below are some of the things I purchased. I'm going to review the Hard Candy 3 strikes contouring face trio in 838 because I'm literally in love with it!

It is a trio of bronzer blush and highlighter. The perfect cheek/contouring kit. You know how I feel about contouring I freaking love it so this was definitely a product I wanted to try. I actually saw it on one of smlx0s videos. 

I got it from WallMart for $9. It doesn't have a mirror in the lid but I'm not that bothered, I think that would make it look a bit more high end but who really cares that much about the packaging though!

The bronzer is a matt colour with no shimmer so it's perfect for contouring if you have a shimmery bronzer don't contour with it or you will look a bit funny...
The blush is quite bright, I tap my brush off before putting it on my cheeks so that you just get a bit of the colour. The highlighter is shimmery and light and if you apply it on your cheekbones, down the centre of your nose and on your Cupid's bow you instantly look dewy and glowing. 
Here is a swatch of the colours they are the first three on the left.

I went out on Friday night to Bodos Schloss with my friend Daisy and I used the trio when doing my makeup. I am a real fan of skin that has a glow rather than a matt finish. Here are the results. 

Body from BooHoo, shorts from topshop, heels from M&S

I achieved the look I wanted so I'm pleased. I used the bronzer and highlighter from the trio but for the blush I used The Balm Hot MaMa. I cannot recommend this blush enough it's a peachy colour with a bit of shimmer and makes you look sun kissed. I am in love with it! I actually ordered it from amazon before I knew I was going to America. I didn't see the Balm in America either so I don't know where you would get it. The packaging looks a lot like Benefit's style of packaging.

I paid £15. I don't know what it would have been in America.

For my whole face I used 

Maybelline age rewind concealer in fair
Smashbox photo finish primer 
Smashbox CC cream in medium
Bobbi brown corrector in light bisque
Bobbi brown concealer in sand
Bare minerals in medium
The balm hot mama blush
Hard candy 3 strikes
The naked pallet by urban decay
Scandaleyes liner by rimmel
Nude liner NYC unforgettable
Kimberley girls aloud lashes by eyelure
Lash accelerator
Dipbrow from anastasia Beverley hills in dark brown (this stuff is insanely goodddd! I got it this week) literally I licked my finger (nice) and wiped my brow - it didn't move! I used to used the mac eyebrow pencil in spiked and it would have rubbed off easily.
Fergie wet and wild finishing powder
Finishing spray by urban decay

That is a lot of products but I was going clubbing it wasn't an everyday natural look. Amazing how much stuff goes onto a girls face isn't it! 

Bodos is an Austrian themed bar/club/restaurant it's really fun. You can get cocktails in ski boots and shots bought out on a ski! The music is really good too it's a mix of new stuff and old stuff that I love to sing along to! We obviously got a bit merry - here's a picture of me and my new boyfriend he cracks me up!

The worries of a 24 year old single girl

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Yesterday I posted an article on facebook called "Why 20 Something Women Need to Stop Thinking Like 30 Something Women"

My Mum then posted on it saying how talented I was at blogging and then my Dad sent me a text saying how "outstanding" my blog was.

Erm bit awkward that it wasn't mine! 

I definitely can't take credit! However, I thought the topic was interesting. 

I think I had my first proper boyfriend when I was 14... 10 years ago. When I was at school I went straight from one boyfriend to the other, I was never single and if I was it was very short term. 

I think the first time I was single was when I was about 20. I had met my boyfriend on my ski season and he lived in Scotland so trying to keep it going was difficult. He then went off on another ski season the following year and was really busy. He was lovely but the travelling was difficult and he was really busy. He ended up forgetting to text or call me on my 20th birthday so I was fed up and we broke up. I think I was single for a couple of months but again it didn't last long.

I am one of those people who just likes to be in a relationship. I love having someone to tell how my day has been and ask about theirs, I love having someone to come home to and fall asleep next to, I love cooking dinner with someone and drinking a glass of wine while we cook and I love always having someone to speak to.

I thought I had found "The One" and obviously I wouldn't have said yes to his proposal unless I had thought he was "The One". It turns out he isn't and I am glad I found out now rather than after we got married or once we had children.

The problem is, I am now properly single for probably the first time ever. It has been about six months so I've had the thoughts that this article mentions.

"What if no one ever wants to marry me again"
"What if I leave it too long and I can't have children"
"What if I meet someone who I think is perfect and they don't want to have children?"
"What if I'm infertile and don't know it!?"
"What if I never meet "The One"?"
"If I do get engaged again (if anyone ever wants to ask me), what if it isn't as special because I've been through it before?"

A few of those definitely aren't mentioned in that article but they are certainly fears that I have had over the past six months - can you tell that I want to have children (one day)?!?

Maybe I should just get some cats and accept singleness forever! Funnily enough I plan to get a cat once I am settled into my new flat! But I hope I won't become a crazy cat lady.

Luckily although I've had those thoughts I don't believe them. Not deep down, even though they raise they're ugly heads now and again. I feel like I have taken singleness by the horns and am doing it right. I have plans every night with friends, I say yes to plans I never would have before and I have been on a few dates. 

One of my best friends is 32. She had really long term relationships in her 20s, people she thought were "The One" and when I met her when she was 28 she was single. She now lives with her boyfriend of two years and he is such a wonderful guy. They are an amazing couple and it just shows that breakups happen for a reason because you don't know who you will meet one day. And that day might not be in your 20s. It might not be in your 30s! 

To be honest I still hope mine is in my 20s but heyho. If it isn't then it isn't the end of the world. I have amazing friends and I can tell them how my day has been and ask how theirs has been. I can see them in the evening and sometimes even fall asleep next to them. I can cook dinner with them and drink wine and I can always call one of them if I ever need to speak to someone.

If I was a Sex and the City character I would definitely be Charlotte York. 

I'm not saying I'm going to give up the hunt and just hang out with my friends the whole time. I still want to find him and I know I will I'm just not freaking out about it quite so much any more. I am only 24 after all! 

Although in an ideal world I would like to have a baby before I'm 30...and I would want a couple of years of being married before I have a child so I need to get married at 28...and I've learnt my lesson that you don't get engaged after one year of knowing someone...so maybe I'd want to know them three years. So I need to meet them by the time I am 25...so I have six months...SHIT!!!

Oh the joys of single life....dating update

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I am now back on British soil and trying to get back into the London routine. 

I got back on Sunday morning and despite my mum suggesting about 5 times that I have a "little sleep" I was determined to stay up until bedtime so that I could rearrange my body clock!

Twice my eyes drooped and once when I was catching up on Game of Thrones so you can tell how tired I was. Anyway, I managed to stay up until 9pm and wake up at 7am to get to work early so I think my body clock is fixed. I went out to a salsa club last night though and didn't go to bed until about 12.30 so I'm still pretty tired!

I still need to do a blog post on my salsa story. I will soon, I just want to do it justice because I love it so much!

Anyway I promised you a dating update in my last blog. So last time I did one of these I was going on dates with two people, Rugby Aladdin and my Malteser...

Does anyone else make up nicknames for men? At my office we are mostly girls (apart from three boys) so we are all really good friends and talk about life to each other whilst at our desks. I sit on The Island (a very exclusive island of desks!) with four other girls and it is hard to keep up with who we are talking about. Therefore nicknames just makes sense. It is much easier to say "oh Voldemort texted me yesterday" rather than saying James texted me and everyone having to remember which one James is....not that I have loads of men on the go!

Here are some of the nicknames I have. People who know me personally, see if you can work out who is who! Just a note, Voldemort's real name is not James!

Voldemort (he who must not be named!)
The Fireman
Rugby Aladdin
Fate Man
My Malteser
Wanker Banker

I think I might expand on Fate Man today because I think it is a typical dating drama which most girls have been through in one way or another...after that you can have an update on current dating life!

So Fate Man and I met at school and used to have a bit of a thing. We stopped seeing each other because I text him saying I didn't want to be monogamous (doesn't sound like me at all now!) and apparently he didn't know what monogamous meant so he didn't ever reply! In the past couple of years I've thought about him a few times whenever I've seen him pop up on facebook. He is pretty attractive and just my type so it's not really a surprise that I think about him when he pops up! We hadn't had contact for about 6 years and when I became suddenly single a few months ago I messaged him. I assumed he lived in London and I had nothing to lose! It turned out he was moving to London that weekend and he had thought of me that week too. Fate... Then about two days later I ran into him in Victoria station. Fate! Hence the name Fate Man. We decided to go for a drink and ended up spending hours together, I saw him again on another day and I thought we got on pretty well. Only issue was he smoked (ew) and he was a bit too cool for me. He likes the Shoreditch scene which isn't really me. Anyway...being bluntly honest...I said that I didn't want to take things too far, if you know what I mean, because I said I wouldn't hear from him again afterwards. He promised that this wouldn't be the case...of course he did. I think you can tell where this story is going. I'm still waiting to hear back about our next date...and this is 7 weeks later. I'm not particularly bothered to be honest. I know he isn't "The One" - a nickname I am yet to give out, so it doesn't bother me. But I do find it odd that men behave like that. I swear every girl I've ever met has had the same situation too. Maybe girls do that too, but I never have. There are definitely different rules for boys and girls. Maybe it's the way we are wired - who knows!

Now for a current update. Last time I mentioned My Malteser we had been on a date the night before I flew to Florida. Unfortunately he is now away for 10 days. Hopefully I will see him on his return next week.

With regard to Rugby Aladdin I think he has too much "rugby banter" which I find really hard work so I don't think I'm going to see him again. 

And so the single life continues...

P.S. I cannot tell you how much easier it is to do this on a computer than my IPAD. The number of spelling mistakes I have in my Florida posts is just embarrassing! I must go back and sort that out!

Florida - the finale

Saturday, 14 June 2014

I'm writing from the airport where I have been for three hours already...our flight doesn't board for another hour!

Thomson seem to think four hours in advance is necessary! We also had agro at the ticket desk because when we changed the name of a Jess' boyfriend's flight to mine at Gatwick they didn't change the return...did they think I was just coming one way and going to live here? I think there are quite strict rules on that, plus I would get so fat if I lived here!

I hope I haven't put on much weight as we have been walking around so much but I bet I've put on a bit. There is a serious lack of healthy options out here - no wonder everyone is so fat! I've ordered another pack of BooTea to be at the office when I get back so I'm going to do that and eat really healthily for the two weeks I've got until my brothers wedding. I want to look good in my bridesmaid dress!

Yesterday was our final day and we went to Disney Magic Kingdom again. It was literally torrential rain - luckily we had our Harry Potter ponchos, although people looked at us like we were total traiters.

We started at Peter Pan's Flight. The wait time was 90 minutes which is mad it's literally a ride over the different bits of the story...not that exciting. We fast passed this so it took about 5 minutes.

Something I didn't realise is if you download the app for My Disney Experience and add the details for your tickets then you get three free passes per day. We used them for Peter Pan, Space Mountain, and Monsters Inc. if you get the app then book fast pass slots in advance as there are only a certain number available. There were none left for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Mine Train - the regular wait for this was 190 minutes so we didn't do this one. It's new so I think that is why there is such a wait.

After Peter Pan we did the Haunted Mansion again, there are a couple of secret things to spot so we looked out for those. Mr Toad has a gravestone in the pet cemetery as the Winnie the Pooh ride has replaced the Wind in the Willows one. When that ride changed they made him a gravestone. There is also an engagement ring embedded in the floor at the exit to the ride. Apparently it's the bride character in the rides ring and she threw it out the window. The only thing is however hard we looked we couldn't find it! Someone enlighten me as to where it is!

We saw the parade again, but this time from a better angle! I'm quite pleased with the below picture! We were standing somewhere else but some fat woman got mad at us so we moved...glad we did now! I hope she couldn't see!

The sun came out for the parade which was nice - the magic of Disney!

Next it was time for our fast passes for Space Mountain and Monsters Inc... I would avoid both. Space Mountain isn't all it's hyped up to be and Monsters Inc I can safely say is shit. It's a virtual comedy show and I hate comedy shows at the best of times.

We then ate dinner and picked up some sorcerers cards from behind the Christmas shop. There are TV portals all over the park and it's a game where you meet Disney villains and have to defeat them with your spells...it passed some time. There were some seriously keen kids doing it though! They had spell books full of cards....I bet they are the cool kids at school!

We finished by watching the parade and the firework show which was so magical! Literally sooo magical - a really good ending to a trip with my best friend! We got matching friendship bracelets :)

I've still got 40 minutes until boarding... Then I will be back in the UK with a dating update post! I actually have a post even though I have only seen two hot guys in these whole two weeks and they were both performers in shows so probably gay. My latest dating drama is virtual and iPhone based! I hope he doesn't read it!!

Florida day 11-12 Universal and Animal Kingdom

Friday, 13 June 2014

I am sitting in bed in my hotel room wearing little mermaid pyjamas drinking champagne out of a plastic cup and eating laffy taffy. I know how to have a bloody good time! Laffy taffy is brilliant it's chewey taffy in a long stick - I've got cherry flavour. I like eating it and singing the song laffy taffy by D4L "girl shake that laffy taffyyyy that laffy taffy". (A note to readers, do not google urban dictionary for laffy taffy or it will certainly ruin that song and the sweets for you!!! Seriously - ruined)

Yesterday we went back to Universal and they had removed the fences concealing Hogsmede station!

We started at Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, obviously, it is the best ride there is! I just love Harry Potter. I grew up reading the books and the first film came out when I was 11 and the characters were 11 too....I might have dressed up as Hermione to go see the first film...I even crimped my hair! Sexyyyyy. I don't care I'm proud that I'm a massive HP geek.

After the forbidden journey we went over to Marvel and the Spider-Man ride, it was literally torrentialllll rain so we thought being inside would be a good idea! The ride was actually really really good, it's a lot like the HP one (part ride and part simulator) which I think is a really good layout.

After that we went to the HP shop and bought ponchos! Again - sexy... I also got a Hogwarts crest Christmas decoration. I have a Disney castle one from my last trip to Florida so I thought I needed another this time. Hopefully I will have a tree in my new flat!

Today we went to Animal Kingdom at Disney. We started at the Finding Nemo Musical which was 40 minutes long and really well done:

We came out and it was pissssinngggg it down again!!

So we went on Safari!

The only thing I didn't like about the safari was that the tour guide said a couple of times about how the animals could roam free around the park....except between each area there were those metal cattle track things that stop cows crossing and also loads of chains to drive over...pretttyyyy sure the animals can't roam free between each enclosure!

Next we went on the Everest roller coaster. It was soooo good - the best roller coaster we've been on. You go up the mountain and the track stops so you go down it all backwards! It was terrifying but so good! We then did the Dinosaur ride which was inside and surrounded by dinosaurs (some of whom try to eat you!). This one was fun too but not as much as Everest,

Animal Kingdom in general was really good - except the weather!!

Tomorrow is our last day so are doing Magic Kingdom again! I don't want to leaveeee - I've got loads to do at home though and it's starting to stress me out! Catching up on two weeks of work, exchanging on my flat, packing up my current flat and preparing for my brothers wedding in two weeks! Eep!!

Florida day 9-10 Universal, Epcot and Hollywood Studios

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Yesterday we went to the second half of Universal. It was literally SO hot!
I wore my new Keds (which I am in love with), my new Forever 21 shorts and a crop top from primark which I got years ago. Oh and my sexy fanny pack!

I really recommend Keds. I bought a pair of white loafers with me to America (which are my favourite all time shoes) but I made the mistake of wearing them to Seaworld where they got drenched. They literally are the worst smelling thing I've ever smelt now :( I tried to save them by filling them with baking powder but that did nothing and now they have had to go in the bin. Wahhhh! Luckily I have my new Keds to replace them or I don't know what I'd do!

Anyway enough about shoes! We started on the Mummy ride which I've done before. It is a really good indoor roller coaster and I recommend. We went on it twice.

Next we wandered along to "Springfield" and ran into the best thing of the day... London! And not just any from of London, Wizard London.

The new section of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is opening this summer and we got to see the back of it. There was Kings Cross station, Leicester Square tube, a bank kind of building which I didn't recognise, Grimmauld Place and the Night Bus! We also saw the Hogwarts Express coming into the station. We asked staff whether there was any chance of a preview as we are from London but they weren't keen (rude). The staff don't even know when it opens and haven't seen inside yet! 

I will be honest I got totally over excited. 

Next we went to Springfield and are lunch at Krusy Burger. We both has Hummus and crudités from Lisa's healthy section (thank god, I miss raw vegetables so much!!) and shared a side if Kurly Krusty fries which were really good! Springfield was really cool. I used to watch it when I came home from school and I forgot so much of the stuff. I DO NOT recommend the ride though, it was a simulator and we both felt quite vommy afterwards!
We also went on ET which is great and Twister where you experience what a hurricane is like. We were going to do the new Transformers ride but the queue was soooo long and it was so hot! 
We had dinner at Bubba Gump - really good food but I don't really get any of the stuff in there as I haven't seen Forrest Gump. Jess was not impressed. I don't really watch films or TV at home. I don't even have a TV in my flat! I just watch Game of Thrones on my IPad.

In the evening when we got back to the hotel we walked to WallMart to do some shopping. It might have got a bit out of control:

We aren't porkers the food is for our offices! Or most of it anyway... I bought a lot of makeup which I'm going to review. I love american makeup brands and I'm really impressed by the bits I tried out this morning.

Todayyyy we had a good day but there were a few disasters! We hadn't booked on the transfer last night as we were tired so we tried this morning...there wasn't space so we were going to have to wait for two hours! Luckily we hung around and managed to fit on the bus.

We headed to Epcot for the morning and planned to head over to Hollywood Studios in the afternoon. We have a 5 day pass which can be used over 14 days...however we forgot that you can't do two "big" Disney parks on the same day (blizzard beach and typhoon lagoon are counted as "small" parks).

Epcot is based around a lake and each section is a different country.

We started at the UK, obviously.
The weird thing I'm holding is a platypus shaped fan...it was SO HOT!!.
I'm wearing my new Forever 21 shorts and my hooters Sarasota top!

We (very slowly and warmly) walked round the lake...missing out Paris because it pisses me off (it was where I got engaged...brilliant) and had lunch in Morocco (which upset me too as it was where we used to go on holiday together all the time) then I remembereddddd, and Jess reminded me, that I am much happier now. So heyho, no need to get upset but I'm just being honest!

Anyway lunch was really good, we had hummus, tabbouleh and chicken, falafel and lamb in pittas. Yum! No chips!!

We then headed over to Hollywood Studios (after stopping at a fake car wash and cooling off in the mist machines, I recommend).

When we got to Hollywood Studios we realised our error that we can't do two big parks in one day so we had to pay about £20 to add park hopping to our passes...not the end of the world!

The first thing we did was watch Beast and Belle live. This was a musical/play of the story of Beauty and the Beast. It was half an hour long and done SO well. That itself was worth £20.

Whilst we were watching this a torrential storm started (all the people at the back of the amphitheatre got soaked) and it got really cold. Next we tried to go on Tower of Terror but it was an 180 minute wait which is just mad! Instead we went to The Little Mermaid. This was another show which was really good, but Ariel was a really quiet singer so that let it down a bit. Finally we went on the great Movie Ride which took you through loads of different film sets. It was really good but the tour guide man was a bit cringe. I feel bad that his job is to be really enthusiastic and no one is enthusiastic back!

We then made our way back to the Magic Kingdom car park to get our bus at 6pm. The only mistake was we got the bus to the Magic Kingdom not the carpark....the carpark is a boat ride away! This was all at 5.45. We ran for the boat (in the pouring rain) then ran from the boat slipping as we went to get to our minibus. Literally I have not run that fast or hard for ages! We made it though and got home.

A slightly stressful day, if we hadn't got the bus we would have had to wait two hours for the next one!

But a good day all the same!

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