Tuesday, 20 May 2014

What a topic to discuss! As I mentioned in my "Intro" post I am recently single. I was engaged (eep) but now I'm not. All very sad at the time of course but I'm now so much happier and I get to experience the joys (and pitfalls) of dating!

In January I wasn't in a great place and my bestboyfriend encouraged me to join Tinder to get some male attention and start the moving on process. I was a bit sceptical but as soon as I joined I was addicted and he was right it made me feel MUCH better about myself.

My first date was pretty nerveracking but was actually very successful. He had done his research (as you can see in my Tinder description I am a a gin FAN) and took me to the coolest gin distillery - The City of London Distillery.

A pretty fun date I must say. We drunk cocktails although we drunk a few and I can't remember their names! The website doesn't have a menu either so I can't even refresh my memory. Dangit! Hey, why not go and just try them all!

We then went onto Madisons for a couple more drinks! Oops

This place has the most amazing view of St Pauls Cathedral which reminds me of Mary Poppins. Apparently you can climb to the top of the Cathedral so that is definitely something I want to do!

All in all a well planned date on his part. He was really attractive and such a nice guy - we went on a second date but I just don't think I was ready to date at this point so it fizzled out.

The next Tinder date I had in April was slightly less successful...

So it's a Sunday night I'm bored and in my pjs watching TV...very exciting. I get a match and he invites me for a drink at 8pm. I decided to be a yes man and just go for it so I showered got ready and headed to the Southbank... it didn't start well when he said I know this cute little Brazillian place. This Brazillian place turned out to be Las Iguanas. Now I'm not one to judge I do enjoy trashy Mexican food and cocktails, but not for a first date. Plus the fact he stated that he had picked this place because it was two for one on cocktails and therefore I had to have a cocktail...

We had a couple of cocktails there and got kicked out at closing time. I've had better times in my life I think. Plus he was a little bit short (Sorrrryyy just telling it like it is!)

I had a little break again and last week went on a date with someone who can only be described as a Rugger Bugger. We went to the Wine Bar at the BFI on the Southbank (my choice so obviously much better than Las Iguanas),then headed onto Gordons Wine Bar which was packed so ended up in Champagne Charlies....where my purse was stolen. Not ideal but I'm pleased I didn't cry in front of him! We actually had a really nice time and I've seen him once since.... I'll keep you posted.

And now we come to the end of the current Tinder Blog. Last night I met a guy at Gordon's Wine Bar (my favourite haunt) where we drunk really nice red wine, sat in the sun and chatted for about 5 hours. He is definitely my type so we shall see....

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