The Long Weekend

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I have had the busiest weekend in the world and was out four nights in a row! SUCH a party animal. That is a total lie I'm such an old lady and feel super tired!

Saturday Night I had the hen do
Sunday Night I went to Paravana (not really my scene, the house music was a bit too much for me and everyone seemed to be off their faces on drugs!)
Monday Night I had dinner with a friend at an Italian in Soho and then went to Bar Salsa with some people from my salsa class
Tuesday Night I went to see Katy Perry at the O2 with my Uncle Bill and had dinner at Gauchos.

I think I'm going to review both of the restaurants, as then it will be a cheap night compared to a pricey one!

La Porchetta Pollo - Soho
20 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 4TW
This place is literally my go to restaurant in London. My friend at work introduced me to it about three years ago and I can't even think of how many times I've been.
All of the staff are Italian, the food is cheap, the wine is good and it never lets me down.
You can either sit upstairs (which is nicer) or downstairs (which is boiling in the summer!). 
I always eat the same thing. Fusilli alla Campagnola or Gameretti alla Diavola. Apparently the pizzas are really good too, however, as I don't eat cheese they aren't generally what I would pick!

The Gamberetti alla Diavola is a kind of tomato stew, with prawns, mushrooms, garlic, white wine and chilli. It isn't super spicy and I always order it with bread and have it as a main course rather than as a starter.

The Fusilli alla Campagnola is literally the best pasta dish in the world. And just look at that price £7.10 for a massive portion of pasta, about £3 for a glass of wine...sorted!

The ingredients are: perfect fresh pasta, Italian sausage, broccoli, chilli, garlic and olive oil.
It doesn't look like much and I bet people are wondering where the sauce is, but my god it does not need a sauce.
I literally can't rave about it enough!
We both had the pasta and three glasses of wine (don't judge me, they are quite small glasses) and it came to £15 each!

I took the ex here once and he ordered chicken... like roast chicken. I was just like what the hell are you doing! They do the best pasta and pizza and you are ordering something you could get anywhere! I didn't take him again!!

Gauchos - The O2

I think my Uncle first took me to Gauchos about four years ago? Maybe five! I'd moved to London and we went to the one in Swallow Street. We have been numerous times since and if I'm ever taking anyone to a nice dinner in London I take them to Gauchos. It is expensive but not SO expensive that if I take someone then my budget is suffering for the rest of the month.

I again (very boring) always eat the same thing. Problem is it is SO dark in there that taking pictures is tricky!
We usually have a bottle of Malbec (the Patricia one is very nice) and then finish with the Malamado pudding wine. It is an amazing port style red pudding wine that I've been known to order bottles...oops! At the Swallow Street Gauchos they have a shop and you can buy the pudding wine there, I usually get some for my Dad for Christmas as he is a big fan too.

When it comes to food I always have the Churrasco de Chorizo 300g steak. It has been marinated for 48 hours in herbs and garlic and is just so good that you don't need a sauce. I also have sweet potato chips with chorizo and spinach or broccoli. 

To be honest I've never really eaten anything else there. Sometimes I mix up the sides but I always have the same steak. 

We often get the dessert sampler to share to go with our pudding wine. Last night it was a selection of Dulce De Leche Profiteroles (AMAZING), raspberry alfajores which is like an angel cake and a chocolate meringue sponge. I think next time I would just order a portion of those profiteroles they were so good!

In case you are wondering Katy Perry was crazy amazing (cramazing). Uncle Bill and I saw her last tour at the O2 which was really good but she has pushed herself to another level on this one. 

I literally wish I had a night to myself tonight but I have a date...then tomorrow I have salsa, then Friday I have another date...

No plans for Saturday yet thank god....although my friend has just messaged me about potentially going to Florida. Erm YOLO?

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