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Monday, 26 May 2014

On New Years Day I was having a bit of a crappy time. I had been due to go to a New Years Eve party with my fiancé and his family. It was TV themed and I had planned an EPIC Daenerys outfit...
Instead I gave him the ring back, didn't go to the party and spent New Years Eve in with my parents. I didn't even stay up until midnight I just went to bed at about half ten!

What a jolly good memory!

The point isssss on New Year's Day I made two resolutions, to sort out what I wanted to do about the relationship I was in (we know how that went!) and to be 8st 12lb by my brothers wedding in June.

This morning I am pretty proud of myself that 5 months on I've achieved both my resolutions! In fact this morning I was 8st 11lb so I've done one better!

I don't want to sound really smug but it was a horrible start to the year and I feel in a much better place now!

So I thought I'd document a bit about how I lost those 10lbs because I swear every girl I know wants to lose weight (which is actually really sad because all of those girls are gorgeous). I never thought I was fat but I had boys at school call me thunder thighs which I still remember and my ex did actually call me porker once and told me I needed to lose weight on more than one occasion. Stuff like that doesn't make you feel great even if you are a size 6 and really thin. I think it's awful that men can have that affect on girls. I know other girls who are paranoid about their weight because of comments men have said to them. 
If any guys are reading this, think before you open your mouth next time. Even if you think you are saying something as a joke, girls don't generally take it as a joke!

Anyway... Moving on!

One of the causes was I lost my appetite for a while after my breakup and ended up not eating very much in the day and then not eating dinner and just drinking wine.That is not the way to do it!! I don't recommend that. 

The healthier ways were:
I tried to eat slower and stop eating when I was full. I have a tendency to want to clear my plate. But if you are full there is no need to finish it.

I also tried to cut out carbs as much as possible. Luckily I don't really like potatoes and I have salad for lunch everyday so this wasn't too difficult. Obviously though if I'm out for dinner with friends at an Italian or something I'm going to have pasta, I'm just going to. If I've had salad for lunch I try not to feel too bad about the evenings if I'm out enjoying myself.

Luckily at my office we get lunch bought for us and we order it the day before. That means that when you order lunch for the next day you aren't hungry and don't go with your stomach and order something bad. Plus everyone in my office has salad for lunch. These are yummy salads though, I always have either:
Lettuce, chicken, avocado, pine nuts and broccoli
Pesto chicken, roast sweet potato roast veg, couscous, lettuce and pine nuts.
The second was has sweet potato and couscous but both those things are good for you!

I must admit I didn't really exercise. I really should but I just always make an excuse not to. I go to salsa every Thursday so I'm sure that burns a few calories but that is the only thing I do. 
I do try and walk a lot and avoid the tube unless I need to use it. Plus walking is free!

I tried two different "teatoxes" and I feel like those helped.

The first was FlatTummyTea
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I did the four week teatox. You drink the big packet of tea everyday and the small packet every third night. 
The night tea contains senna leaves which are basically a mild laxative. That's probably why you get a flat stomach... This didn't bother me too much, it's not the most pleasant thing but it's not the super horrific image I think of when I think of laxatives... Don't really know what else to say about that lol - just don't over brew the tea!
I didn't drink coffee in the month that I took this tea so I feel like that detoxed my body a bit too. 
I lost a couple of pounds drinking this tea which wasn't that impressive but it did make my stomach feel a lot less bloated and look flatter.

My friend (who was also taking this tea) then told me about BooTea which apparently is better for losing weight. 

This is a fourteen day teatox and is basically the same routine. You take one tea everyday and then a night tea every other day. Do not do what my friend did which is to not read the instructions and therefore take the night tea three days in a row and have horrific results. SO FUNNY. Moral of the story is read the instructions!

I liked this tea better because it came in tea bags so you didn't have to use a tea strainer which is a bit of a faff!

I also thought I lost more weight, I can't remember how much though because it's been a gradual process! I would recommend the BooTea rather than the FlatTummyTea.

I didn't really do anything else. I made sure I didn't have yummy food in the flat as otherwise I will eat it. I didn't deprive myself though. Or I don't feel like I did. It was probably a mixture of being a bit depressed, then seeing the results so trying hard to be good and then finally (the best bit) feeling happier and therefore not needing to eat yummy food to make me feel better!
Yay happinesssss!

Here are before and after pics. I'm not saying I'm fat in the first one but I definitely prefer the way I look now.


Oh look it's my crop top I blogged about the other day!

I suppose now I need a 6 months in resolution as I've done my January ones...

1. Keep the weight off
2. Have the best summer ever and make the most of it!!!

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