Lobster and CropTops

Thursday, 22 May 2014

I spent the morning looking at very confusing Bloomberg Spreadsheets and learning about shorting currencies...we therefore deserved a nice lunch and I was taken to Burger and Lobster in Harvery Nics.

I've been to the one in the City before but I must say the one in Harvey Nics was much nicer. I think I'm just swayed by the location though. I don't really like the "City". I think it's full of sleazy w@nker bankers who think they are the best thing since sliced bread just because they wear a suit to work. I've met a few, although undoubtedly there are also some who work in the West End! Maybe I will do a post about the worst dates I've been one... I've been on a few over the past 5 years.

Anyway - Burger and Lobster. The issue with this place is you can't book so you need to get there early. This wasn't an issue for me because I was starvingggg! There are only three options on the menu (so don't take a vegetarian) and they are all £20.

1. A burger
2. A grilled or steamed lobster
3. A lobster roll (pictured above)

All three come with (really good) chips and salad. 
I went for the grilled lobster. I don't really like burgers, but even if I did I wouldn't pay £20 for one.
The food didn't disappoint, it never does, the only issue is you get messy hands and you need gum for the garlic breathe. Luckily I still had gum from yesterday!

I really enjoy going to Burger and Lobster but I would say take your friends there rather than go on a date. It is annoying if you have to go to dinner at 6pm and still not be guaranteed a table. Plus there is the mess of eating lobster in front of someone. Maybe it is a date place just not a first date.

I didn't take pictures because it was a lunch meeting with three men so it might have been a bit odd if I'd got my camera out...

After lunch I went back to the office but found some time to stop in Topshop...oops!

I set myself a New Years Resolution to be 8st 12lb by my brother's wedding in June. I was 9st 7lb on 1st January and I'm now 8st 13lb so I've lost 8lbs so far and have one to go!
I therefore think I look quite good at the moment (arrogant I know) and have been toying with the idea of a crop top for a while.

When I was about 11 I bloody loved a crop top! But then I grew boobs, hit puberty and generally stayed away from this 90s fashion staple! 

Now they're back I'm trying to work out how to wear one without looking:
fat (again) (it's my main concern)

I've recently purchase the BEST disco pants from BooHoo.com. In fact I ordered them in three colours.


They are £12 and I bought them in navy, berry AND black. They have a really thick strip of elastic at the top so they suck in your fat which I obviously enjoy. I therefore thought a white crop top would go rather well with the navy ones.

I tried on three (apologies for the body shots but you can never tell what they really look like on a skinny topshop model!)

I felt like this was a cute top, but the peplum bit at the bottom didn't really do me any favours...

I bought this one. I think it will look cute with the blue disco pants. Hopefully I'll go out this weekend and get a chance to wear it!

I liked this one but my bra stuck out the side and I don't think I would be able to find a bra that didn't!

The off the shoulder white crop top was £10... a bargain. Although I could probably get the same thing in Primark because it isn't exactly a tricky design to make!

I tried ona couple of Black ones too but decided on White to show off my tannnn!

I also bought toothpaste and an everyday tan from Boots.....how dull, I am clearly not going to review those!!

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