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Friday, 30 May 2014

Last week I did a holy grail lipstick post and today I'm going to continue the theme and do a holy grail skin product post. This is purely makeup products not skincare.

My skincare is pretty basic. I have been blessed (thank god) with good skin and don't really get spots or dry areas. My mum always told me to moisturise (she has great skin too) so I think I've moisturised everyday since I was about 10!
I use makeup wipes (whatever is on offer at Boots) to take off my makeup every night and then I use the Simple Night Cream. In the morning I use the Simple Day Cream....see it's basic. I don't really use masks very often (except if they are the fun peely ones!) and I don't really exfoliate very often because I worry about scrubbing off my tan! I know, I know, that's really bad and you should exfoliate!

In terms of makeup I use a few products: Primer, CC Cream, Concealer, Bronzer, Highlighter.
This is my every day routine, if I'm going on a night out I do more and I contour more but for a general every day look I do the above. Sometimes I just use Primer, Concealer, Bronzer. I think it is good to give you skin a break!

I bought both of these products the other day and am really pleased with them. The Primer is the regular photo finish primer by Smashbox and the CC Cream is in the colour medium.
The primer really matifies your skin and the CC Cream (apparently) helps your skin as well as making it look nice in the short term.

#nomakeup! I hate when people hashtag that who are clearly wearing makeup....I'm not I swear
This is just with the primer and CC Cream, but no concealer yet.

Apologies that I drunk red wine last night and it has therefore absorbed into my lips....OOPS! 

I use the Bobbi Brown Correcter and Concealer (in the colour Sand) and I think they are ratherrrr good. I bought the brush as well but I just use my fingers. Realllly shouldn't have spent the money on a brush I never use! The corrector tones down the redness under your eyes and then the concealer covers any blemishes. I use them both under my eyes.

I then use the Bobbi Brown bronzer in Medium with my Chanel kabuki brush and the Estee Lauder Highlighter in HeatWave. I am a massive believer in contouring! 

The colour of this highlighter is gorgeous, but it is a bit shimmery so I think I want to get one which is more of a flat colour. I hear NARS do a nice one. Any recommendations let me know!!

Here is my wholeee FACE in the natural light.

Here it is in the light in my room. 

Obviously I've added eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow pencil and lipgloss....but I thought it would be a rather long post if I explained the whole lot! I don't like a really heavy makeup look, I think your natural skin should shine through which is why I don't use a foundation or anything

Comment below if there are any holy grail products you use. I seem to be always buying makeup I love it.... hence the hoarding below! I've just ordered a new blusher which is Hot MaMa by The Balm. It is a corally pink which I think will look really nice with tanned skin! Hopefully it will come in the post today!

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