Holy Grail lipsticks

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

I wanted to do a blog about my holy grail makeup products (pictured below) however I'm going to have to break it down into a few as there are so many!

Lipstick is an easy place to start. I'm a girl (obviously) and I swear we are all attracted to numerous tubes of the same colour lipsticks and glosses... I have a fair few and have one of these plastic thingys to organise them on my dressing table

Keeps them all neat and tidy :)

I have four favourites which are swatched here.
Left to right: MAC Hue, MAC Ladybug, MAC Dare You, Barry M 160 Black Cherry

The first is MAC Hue my go to nude. It looks a bit Essex/Concealer lips if you don't wear it right so be careful with that one - always a bad look! I try not to smear it on too thickly.

The next three are reds - like I said I'm attracted to the same thing! They are all different though, girls understand that, men don't ... "Why do you need another red lipstick" I just DO OK!

The first is MAC Ladybug. MACs formulas are just so good this one is really glossy and shiney. The perfect bright red. I sometimes tone it down by putting a darker red liner underneath or vamp it up with a bright red liner.

Next we've got MAC Dare You. This one would be my absolutely fave, it is just the perfect dark red. Again this is a gloss formula.

Finally a matte lipstick. This is by Barry M and was bloody cheap. I normally wouldn't go to Barry M for anything other than nail polish but I was introduced to this lippy by a friend and I do enjoy it. The colour reminds me of Khloe Kardashian at Elton John's Oscar party where she looked insanelllyyyy good! I need that red velvety dress!

 The only issue with this lip colour is it sure does stain your lips - that's what you get with cheap lipstick I guess - I think the colour is worth the stain.

160 Black Cherry
AND the stain it leaves!

However to try and remove the stain I use Lush Lip Scrubs. I like the bubblegum ones it tastes amazing and if you're on a diet (me) it makes me feel like I'm eating something sweet ... That's probably weird, maybe it's just me!

The last product I swear by is this MAC lip liner in brick.

You can either go for the craycray 90s chav look!

Or fill it in for a really nice colour. I wear it under my MAC Dare You.

So that's it! I use an EOS lip balm and just try and keep my lips moisturised. I have a slight addiction to red wine so I often have stained lips, if they're moisturised I don't get that quite as much!

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