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Friday, 30 May 2014

So my best friend has been planning a trip to Florida with her boyfriend for a really long time. I think at least six months? Unfortunately he's had issues with his passport and can't go!

She messaged me this morning saying that she has to cancel the holiday unless she could get someone to go with her. I didn't really think it was feasable in terms of work but emailed my boss just incase! Fortunately he turned out to be the best boss ever and let me go!

I actually went to Florida in 2011 for my 21st and loved it!! See below:

This was all at 2pm today! We have to be at the airport by 7am tomorrow to change the name on the tickets! Not very much time to get organised!!
I literally finished my meeting rushed back to the office to delegate my work and went home to pack! I threw a load of bikinis in my bag, some shorts and tops (my hooters one included!!) and a couple of nice dresses. I then "panic painted" my toenails!

I actually had a date tonight with the guy from the end of my tinder post and he had planned ahead and booked a restaurant,. I originally said I would still go and then get the gatwick express tomorrow morning at 6am but on reflection that wasn't sensible.

I therefore suggested we have a drink after work instead and skip dinner.... Erm it's 11pm I'm only just on the train home! A fail in terms of time keeping! He distracts me!

We went for drinks at the sky bar in the Double Tree Hilton in the city. I've been to the one in soho before ( had my engagement drinks party there - AWKWARD) But I think I prefer this one. It's bigger and the view is better. Infact the view of him was very nice!

I don't want to give too many details away but he is such a gentleman, handsome and I like spending time with him... What could be better!

The only issue is I'm off to Florida for two weeks and then he is away for 10 days! Absence makes the ....
We shall see!

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