A day off work = sore feet!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

So my boss is away for three days so I figured I would take a day off and enjoy the City! My daddy is recently retired so I asked if he wanted to spend the day in London with me! We are redoing out kitchen at my parents' house (it's a building site!) so I think he enjoyed the time away.

I'm in the process of buying a flat in Battersea so I walked to Battersea Park to meet my Dad off the train and explore the area / find somewhere that serves decent wine!

This was my first walk of the day but not the last!! My CityMapper app said it would take 35mins and burn 135 calories so that's not a bad start.

I really recommend CityMapper. I only just got it and bearing in mind it's a free app I don't know why I haven't before!

Anyway I met my daddy and we ended up at Boqueria for some Tapas. Apparently the Battersea one only opened in April but they've had one in Clapham for two years.

We had a glass of Tempranillo each (just what I needed on my day off :) ) and had a selection of tapas.
The aioli was really strong and garlicky just how it should be so I recommend that...maybe take gum though or just don't do this as a date place! VERY garlicky!

The selection of meats.

The patatas bravas was a bit average so I didn't take a picture. It was more like La Tasca Tapas than really good quality patatas bravas. The rest of the food was great though especially the cured meats which they sliced fresh off the leg.

I would go there again, the food was good quality and it wasn't pricey which some tapas places really are.

After lunch we decided to visit the Natural History Museum and see their new exhibition - Britain one million years of the human story.

Unfortunately my Daddy had forgotten his Oyster card so we walked... CityMapper said 50 mins and 217 calories so we figured we would burn off lunch. We walked through Battersea Park which was a rather slow process. My daddy has just got a new camera (the Nikon d800e I think??) so we kept stopping to take pictures. My one below hardly does it justice I'm sure his will turn out better!

The exhibition was really great, so interesting and mad to think that we have been on this earth one million years. I never realised that lions rhinos and hippos all lived in England either! Remains of lions have been found at Trafalgar Square!

I recommend the exhibition - the Natural History Museum generally run great exhibitions. The one opening this Friday is about mammoths and they have a real preserved 1 year old mammoth arriving this week!

Nymeria what are you doing here!!?! 
(Sorry/not sorry to those people who don't watch Game Of Thrones!)

I finished the day by walking another 40 minutes (167 calories) back to Victoria to drop my daddy off..... Now my feet seriously hurt.

 I had to go have a glass of wine with my friend to numb the pain...can you blame me!
We went to the Caxton Grill by St James Park - nice ambiance and the hotel always smells AMAZING!!! But what the hell are these bar snacks they presented us with!?!??

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