A classy hen do

Sunday, 25 May 2014

As I mentioned before, my brother is getting married in June. I am so excited for the wedding, I've only ever been to one wedding before and I didn't really know the bride or groom very well. This one is going to be on a whole different scale, plus I get to be a bridesmaid which is an honour!

This weekend it has been the hen and stag dos. The "stag" was told to pack his passport, wallet and two pairs of boxers...that's about it. No one had any clue where the boys were going but we've since found out they are in Magaluf and they are acting just how you would expect twelve boys to... Nice.

Us girls were much classier. The maid of honour arranged for us to start the day by attending a hula hooping class. Luckily I've done it before (as has the bride!)

We had our own instructer in the downstairs room at Tiger Tiger Haymarket. It was really fun, the only issue was the hoops kept breaking so we had a few flying around the room!

We all had masks with the brides face on and she had one of my brothers face which was so creepy and hilarious.

The class finished by learning a routine and "performing" it. I love anything dancey so I enjoyed myself.

We then headed to our hotel The Thistle at Old Street, had cake and champagne and played bridal games! We did:

Suck the chocolate off a chocolate finger - fastest one wins ;)
Kiss the groom - this was like pin the tail on the donkey, so you are blindfolded and spun round except instead of a pin and a donkey it was a kiss and a picture of the groom...bit awk as he's my brother but we will ignore that!
Pass the parcel - with prizes that ranged from facemasks and body creams to condoms and lube!
Mr and Mrs - the maid of honour had asked my brother loads of questions and recorded his answers. She then asked the bride the same questions to see whether they knew both knew the right answers. This game was by far the best - it was really well done.
My two favourite things!

We all got ready and then met to get a cab back to Leicester Square. We all picked a colour in advance so we were all in different colours and the bride was white. I picked navy and in the end my mum copied me. She isn't very good at shopping so finding a navy outfit she liked was shocking enough, I wasn't going to make her pick another colour!

My dress is by TFNC and I got it from asos:

We went to Bar Salsa on Charing Cross Road. I've been there before because I LOVE salsa. I'm going to do a separate post on my salsa lessons etc because otherwise I will rant on about it for agessss.

We had a beginners salsa lesson and spent quite a lot of it judging the other hen party (or I did at least!) they were smasheddd, had makeup smeared down their faces and were all wearing sashes, learner plates and feather boas...they had also brought a giant inflatable cock with them... I felt quite smug that we were so much classier than that. Personally I would hate that kind of hen do.

After the lesson we all sat down and had dinner - I think there was about 18 of us. 
Me and my mummy

The fun part came after dinner when we got to social dance! I danced with three guys (none of them cute) all great dancers. I just love to be spun around - it is so satisfying to spend ages learning something and actual be able to do it in a nonclass setting.

We ended up at Bar Soho and had our own private "bed" area which was pretty cool. After that we called it a night - no one was sick, no one fell over, no one ended up in A&E. A successful evening I would say! 

The end of night was slightly marred as I got some texts from an ex... Leave me alone means leave me alone.... Always a man drama. This one keeps giving me the upper hand! Ha!

Today we wandered along the south bank, ate ice cream and talked about the upcoming wedding. What an exciting time! I can't wait!

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