Best friends are the BEST

Friday, 30 May 2014

So my best friend has been planning a trip to Florida with her boyfriend for a really long time. I think at least six months? Unfortunately he's had issues with his passport and can't go!

She messaged me this morning saying that she has to cancel the holiday unless she could get someone to go with her. I didn't really think it was feasable in terms of work but emailed my boss just incase! Fortunately he turned out to be the best boss ever and let me go!

I actually went to Florida in 2011 for my 21st and loved it!! See below:

This was all at 2pm today! We have to be at the airport by 7am tomorrow to change the name on the tickets! Not very much time to get organised!!
I literally finished my meeting rushed back to the office to delegate my work and went home to pack! I threw a load of bikinis in my bag, some shorts and tops (my hooters one included!!) and a couple of nice dresses. I then "panic painted" my toenails!

I actually had a date tonight with the guy from the end of my tinder post and he had planned ahead and booked a restaurant,. I originally said I would still go and then get the gatwick express tomorrow morning at 6am but on reflection that wasn't sensible.

I therefore suggested we have a drink after work instead and skip dinner.... Erm it's 11pm I'm only just on the train home! A fail in terms of time keeping! He distracts me!

We went for drinks at the sky bar in the Double Tree Hilton in the city. I've been to the one in soho before ( had my engagement drinks party there - AWKWARD) But I think I prefer this one. It's bigger and the view is better. Infact the view of him was very nice!

I don't want to give too many details away but he is such a gentleman, handsome and I like spending time with him... What could be better!

The only issue is I'm off to Florida for two weeks and then he is away for 10 days! Absence makes the ....
We shall see!

Holy Grail Makeup - Face Routine

Friday, 30 May 2014

Last week I did a holy grail lipstick post and today I'm going to continue the theme and do a holy grail skin product post. This is purely makeup products not skincare.

My skincare is pretty basic. I have been blessed (thank god) with good skin and don't really get spots or dry areas. My mum always told me to moisturise (she has great skin too) so I think I've moisturised everyday since I was about 10!
I use makeup wipes (whatever is on offer at Boots) to take off my makeup every night and then I use the Simple Night Cream. In the morning I use the Simple Day Cream....see it's basic. I don't really use masks very often (except if they are the fun peely ones!) and I don't really exfoliate very often because I worry about scrubbing off my tan! I know, I know, that's really bad and you should exfoliate!

In terms of makeup I use a few products: Primer, CC Cream, Concealer, Bronzer, Highlighter.
This is my every day routine, if I'm going on a night out I do more and I contour more but for a general every day look I do the above. Sometimes I just use Primer, Concealer, Bronzer. I think it is good to give you skin a break!

I bought both of these products the other day and am really pleased with them. The Primer is the regular photo finish primer by Smashbox and the CC Cream is in the colour medium.
The primer really matifies your skin and the CC Cream (apparently) helps your skin as well as making it look nice in the short term.

#nomakeup! I hate when people hashtag that who are clearly wearing makeup....I'm not I swear
This is just with the primer and CC Cream, but no concealer yet.

Apologies that I drunk red wine last night and it has therefore absorbed into my lips....OOPS! 

I use the Bobbi Brown Correcter and Concealer (in the colour Sand) and I think they are ratherrrr good. I bought the brush as well but I just use my fingers. Realllly shouldn't have spent the money on a brush I never use! The corrector tones down the redness under your eyes and then the concealer covers any blemishes. I use them both under my eyes.

I then use the Bobbi Brown bronzer in Medium with my Chanel kabuki brush and the Estee Lauder Highlighter in HeatWave. I am a massive believer in contouring! 

The colour of this highlighter is gorgeous, but it is a bit shimmery so I think I want to get one which is more of a flat colour. I hear NARS do a nice one. Any recommendations let me know!!

Here is my wholeee FACE in the natural light.

Here it is in the light in my room. 

Obviously I've added eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow pencil and lipgloss....but I thought it would be a rather long post if I explained the whole lot! I don't like a really heavy makeup look, I think your natural skin should shine through which is why I don't use a foundation or anything

Comment below if there are any holy grail products you use. I seem to be always buying makeup I love it.... hence the hoarding below! I've just ordered a new blusher which is Hot MaMa by The Balm. It is a corally pink which I think will look really nice with tanned skin! Hopefully it will come in the post today!

The Long Weekend

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I have had the busiest weekend in the world and was out four nights in a row! SUCH a party animal. That is a total lie I'm such an old lady and feel super tired!

Saturday Night I had the hen do
Sunday Night I went to Paravana (not really my scene, the house music was a bit too much for me and everyone seemed to be off their faces on drugs!)
Monday Night I had dinner with a friend at an Italian in Soho and then went to Bar Salsa with some people from my salsa class
Tuesday Night I went to see Katy Perry at the O2 with my Uncle Bill and had dinner at Gauchos.

I think I'm going to review both of the restaurants, as then it will be a cheap night compared to a pricey one!

La Porchetta Pollo - Soho
20 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 4TW
This place is literally my go to restaurant in London. My friend at work introduced me to it about three years ago and I can't even think of how many times I've been.
All of the staff are Italian, the food is cheap, the wine is good and it never lets me down.
You can either sit upstairs (which is nicer) or downstairs (which is boiling in the summer!). 
I always eat the same thing. Fusilli alla Campagnola or Gameretti alla Diavola. Apparently the pizzas are really good too, however, as I don't eat cheese they aren't generally what I would pick!

The Gamberetti alla Diavola is a kind of tomato stew, with prawns, mushrooms, garlic, white wine and chilli. It isn't super spicy and I always order it with bread and have it as a main course rather than as a starter.

The Fusilli alla Campagnola is literally the best pasta dish in the world. And just look at that price £7.10 for a massive portion of pasta, about £3 for a glass of wine...sorted!

The ingredients are: perfect fresh pasta, Italian sausage, broccoli, chilli, garlic and olive oil.
It doesn't look like much and I bet people are wondering where the sauce is, but my god it does not need a sauce.
I literally can't rave about it enough!
We both had the pasta and three glasses of wine (don't judge me, they are quite small glasses) and it came to £15 each!

I took the ex here once and he ordered chicken... like roast chicken. I was just like what the hell are you doing! They do the best pasta and pizza and you are ordering something you could get anywhere! I didn't take him again!!

Gauchos - The O2

I think my Uncle first took me to Gauchos about four years ago? Maybe five! I'd moved to London and we went to the one in Swallow Street. We have been numerous times since and if I'm ever taking anyone to a nice dinner in London I take them to Gauchos. It is expensive but not SO expensive that if I take someone then my budget is suffering for the rest of the month.

I again (very boring) always eat the same thing. Problem is it is SO dark in there that taking pictures is tricky!
We usually have a bottle of Malbec (the Patricia one is very nice) and then finish with the Malamado pudding wine. It is an amazing port style red pudding wine that I've been known to order bottles...oops! At the Swallow Street Gauchos they have a shop and you can buy the pudding wine there, I usually get some for my Dad for Christmas as he is a big fan too.

When it comes to food I always have the Churrasco de Chorizo 300g steak. It has been marinated for 48 hours in herbs and garlic and is just so good that you don't need a sauce. I also have sweet potato chips with chorizo and spinach or broccoli. 

To be honest I've never really eaten anything else there. Sometimes I mix up the sides but I always have the same steak. 

We often get the dessert sampler to share to go with our pudding wine. Last night it was a selection of Dulce De Leche Profiteroles (AMAZING), raspberry alfajores which is like an angel cake and a chocolate meringue sponge. I think next time I would just order a portion of those profiteroles they were so good!

In case you are wondering Katy Perry was crazy amazing (cramazing). Uncle Bill and I saw her last tour at the O2 which was really good but she has pushed herself to another level on this one. 

I literally wish I had a night to myself tonight but I have a date...then tomorrow I have salsa, then Friday I have another date...

No plans for Saturday yet thank god....although my friend has just messaged me about potentially going to Florida. Erm YOLO?

New Years Resolutions - Weight Loss

Monday, 26 May 2014

On New Years Day I was having a bit of a crappy time. I had been due to go to a New Years Eve party with my fiancé and his family. It was TV themed and I had planned an EPIC Daenerys outfit...
Instead I gave him the ring back, didn't go to the party and spent New Years Eve in with my parents. I didn't even stay up until midnight I just went to bed at about half ten!

What a jolly good memory!

The point isssss on New Year's Day I made two resolutions, to sort out what I wanted to do about the relationship I was in (we know how that went!) and to be 8st 12lb by my brothers wedding in June.

This morning I am pretty proud of myself that 5 months on I've achieved both my resolutions! In fact this morning I was 8st 11lb so I've done one better!

I don't want to sound really smug but it was a horrible start to the year and I feel in a much better place now!

So I thought I'd document a bit about how I lost those 10lbs because I swear every girl I know wants to lose weight (which is actually really sad because all of those girls are gorgeous). I never thought I was fat but I had boys at school call me thunder thighs which I still remember and my ex did actually call me porker once and told me I needed to lose weight on more than one occasion. Stuff like that doesn't make you feel great even if you are a size 6 and really thin. I think it's awful that men can have that affect on girls. I know other girls who are paranoid about their weight because of comments men have said to them. 
If any guys are reading this, think before you open your mouth next time. Even if you think you are saying something as a joke, girls don't generally take it as a joke!

Anyway... Moving on!

One of the causes was I lost my appetite for a while after my breakup and ended up not eating very much in the day and then not eating dinner and just drinking wine.That is not the way to do it!! I don't recommend that. 

The healthier ways were:
I tried to eat slower and stop eating when I was full. I have a tendency to want to clear my plate. But if you are full there is no need to finish it.

I also tried to cut out carbs as much as possible. Luckily I don't really like potatoes and I have salad for lunch everyday so this wasn't too difficult. Obviously though if I'm out for dinner with friends at an Italian or something I'm going to have pasta, I'm just going to. If I've had salad for lunch I try not to feel too bad about the evenings if I'm out enjoying myself.

Luckily at my office we get lunch bought for us and we order it the day before. That means that when you order lunch for the next day you aren't hungry and don't go with your stomach and order something bad. Plus everyone in my office has salad for lunch. These are yummy salads though, I always have either:
Lettuce, chicken, avocado, pine nuts and broccoli
Pesto chicken, roast sweet potato roast veg, couscous, lettuce and pine nuts.
The second was has sweet potato and couscous but both those things are good for you!

I must admit I didn't really exercise. I really should but I just always make an excuse not to. I go to salsa every Thursday so I'm sure that burns a few calories but that is the only thing I do. 
I do try and walk a lot and avoid the tube unless I need to use it. Plus walking is free!

I tried two different "teatoxes" and I feel like those helped.

The first was FlatTummyTea
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I did the four week teatox. You drink the big packet of tea everyday and the small packet every third night. 
The night tea contains senna leaves which are basically a mild laxative. That's probably why you get a flat stomach... This didn't bother me too much, it's not the most pleasant thing but it's not the super horrific image I think of when I think of laxatives... Don't really know what else to say about that lol - just don't over brew the tea!
I didn't drink coffee in the month that I took this tea so I feel like that detoxed my body a bit too. 
I lost a couple of pounds drinking this tea which wasn't that impressive but it did make my stomach feel a lot less bloated and look flatter.

My friend (who was also taking this tea) then told me about BooTea which apparently is better for losing weight. 

This is a fourteen day teatox and is basically the same routine. You take one tea everyday and then a night tea every other day. Do not do what my friend did which is to not read the instructions and therefore take the night tea three days in a row and have horrific results. SO FUNNY. Moral of the story is read the instructions!

I liked this tea better because it came in tea bags so you didn't have to use a tea strainer which is a bit of a faff!

I also thought I lost more weight, I can't remember how much though because it's been a gradual process! I would recommend the BooTea rather than the FlatTummyTea.

I didn't really do anything else. I made sure I didn't have yummy food in the flat as otherwise I will eat it. I didn't deprive myself though. Or I don't feel like I did. It was probably a mixture of being a bit depressed, then seeing the results so trying hard to be good and then finally (the best bit) feeling happier and therefore not needing to eat yummy food to make me feel better!
Yay happinesssss!

Here are before and after pics. I'm not saying I'm fat in the first one but I definitely prefer the way I look now.


Oh look it's my crop top I blogged about the other day!

I suppose now I need a 6 months in resolution as I've done my January ones...

1. Keep the weight off
2. Have the best summer ever and make the most of it!!!

A classy hen do

Sunday, 25 May 2014

As I mentioned before, my brother is getting married in June. I am so excited for the wedding, I've only ever been to one wedding before and I didn't really know the bride or groom very well. This one is going to be on a whole different scale, plus I get to be a bridesmaid which is an honour!

This weekend it has been the hen and stag dos. The "stag" was told to pack his passport, wallet and two pairs of boxers...that's about it. No one had any clue where the boys were going but we've since found out they are in Magaluf and they are acting just how you would expect twelve boys to... Nice.

Us girls were much classier. The maid of honour arranged for us to start the day by attending a hula hooping class. Luckily I've done it before (as has the bride!)

We had our own instructer in the downstairs room at Tiger Tiger Haymarket. It was really fun, the only issue was the hoops kept breaking so we had a few flying around the room!

We all had masks with the brides face on and she had one of my brothers face which was so creepy and hilarious.

The class finished by learning a routine and "performing" it. I love anything dancey so I enjoyed myself.

We then headed to our hotel The Thistle at Old Street, had cake and champagne and played bridal games! We did:

Suck the chocolate off a chocolate finger - fastest one wins ;)
Kiss the groom - this was like pin the tail on the donkey, so you are blindfolded and spun round except instead of a pin and a donkey it was a kiss and a picture of the groom...bit awk as he's my brother but we will ignore that!
Pass the parcel - with prizes that ranged from facemasks and body creams to condoms and lube!
Mr and Mrs - the maid of honour had asked my brother loads of questions and recorded his answers. She then asked the bride the same questions to see whether they knew both knew the right answers. This game was by far the best - it was really well done.
My two favourite things!

We all got ready and then met to get a cab back to Leicester Square. We all picked a colour in advance so we were all in different colours and the bride was white. I picked navy and in the end my mum copied me. She isn't very good at shopping so finding a navy outfit she liked was shocking enough, I wasn't going to make her pick another colour!

My dress is by TFNC and I got it from asos:

We went to Bar Salsa on Charing Cross Road. I've been there before because I LOVE salsa. I'm going to do a separate post on my salsa lessons etc because otherwise I will rant on about it for agessss.

We had a beginners salsa lesson and spent quite a lot of it judging the other hen party (or I did at least!) they were smasheddd, had makeup smeared down their faces and were all wearing sashes, learner plates and feather boas...they had also brought a giant inflatable cock with them... I felt quite smug that we were so much classier than that. Personally I would hate that kind of hen do.

After the lesson we all sat down and had dinner - I think there was about 18 of us. 
Me and my mummy

The fun part came after dinner when we got to social dance! I danced with three guys (none of them cute) all great dancers. I just love to be spun around - it is so satisfying to spend ages learning something and actual be able to do it in a nonclass setting.

We ended up at Bar Soho and had our own private "bed" area which was pretty cool. After that we called it a night - no one was sick, no one fell over, no one ended up in A&E. A successful evening I would say! 

The end of night was slightly marred as I got some texts from an ex... Leave me alone means leave me alone.... Always a man drama. This one keeps giving me the upper hand! Ha!

Today we wandered along the south bank, ate ice cream and talked about the upcoming wedding. What an exciting time! I can't wait!

Dating Disasters

Friday, 23 May 2014

So I wrote yesterday that I might do a dating stories post. I spoke to my friend at dinner about it last night and we recalled a few bad ones so I thought I would fill you in!

So... once upon time I (for some unknown reason) decided that dating a chav would be acceptable. I'm not talking "a bit chavvy" I mean full on matching tracksuits, hideous pimped up vauxhall something or other with a huge exhaust pipe and a moped. This was bad. My parents knew it, my friends knew it and really I knew it too.

At the time my best friend and I LOVED playboy, clothes, jewellery you name it. Basically we just wanted to go live in the mansion and be playboy bunnies, and wearing the brand was the closest we could get. This chav man LOVED me in my playboy tracksuit so I ended up wearing it quite a lot:
<< There I am...what a stunner. That picture was actually only taken a couple of years ago. My friend and I were having a trip down memory lane!

Anyway the above is just the background. We went on one of our first dates and he took me to PizzaHut. Bearing in mind I HATE cheese and have not stepped in a PizzaHut since I was about 7 when people at school had parties there, I was not impressed.
He proceeded to order a massive cheesey disgusting pizza whilst I was stuck with a chicken starter. He then made me split the bill so I had to pay for half of his pizza - the smell of which made me want to gag!
It didn't last long after that, he was certainly not my type!!

Not really a horror story date but I don't think you understand how much I dislike cheese...

Second story... I've moved to London I'm 20 and I'm out in ChinaWhite with my friend. Two guys came up to us and we started chatting blablabla. It gets to the point where I'm dating one and my flatmate is dating the other. My flatmate and I were going on holiday and at the same time that the guys were going away to somewhere different...the whole holiday we don't hear from either guy. Then when we get back the one my flatmate was dating told us the story of their holiday!

The 5 guys who were going away had all transferred their money to my guy and he was meant to book the holiday. The DAY they are due to fly out my guy turns up and says that he didn't actually book the holiday and he had spent ALL of their money!! I went out to Aura that Thursday and ran into all of this guys friends who told me the whole story. They also mentioned the fact that the guy I had been seeing was dating 5 other girls! One of every day of the week and then one day off! I messaged him that night to say I'd seen his friends and unsurprisingly we didn't see each other again. He obviously knew they would have told me the story. He's since tried to add me on facebook again but I'm pretty damn sure I'm not going to be accepting that request!

Next... this one is brief. I went out for dinner with this guy, all very pleasant. We asked for the bill at the end of the meal and I nipped to the loo. When I came back he had put some cash in the little leather bill thingy and it was sticking out and placed on the edge of the table (you know how you do so that the waitress can see it). Bearing in mind he didn't mention the bill for the next few minutes whilst we waited for the waitress, I just assumed he was paying for it. We were going for drinks afterwards so I was going to pay for those.

Now I know it is wrong to assume the man will pay and I do always offer or at least always buy drinks before or after. But on this occasion I assumed he was paying because of the above. Anyway the waitress comes along and takes the bill, she then comes back to tell us that there isn't enough money to pay the bill. He had put down his half and just left it there! I then awkwardly had to apologise and give the waitress my card.
It made me feel so uncomfortable. I didn't mean to assume he was paying but as he didn't bring it up or even show me the bill I didn't realise I was meant to put down cash too.
Probably very bad of me...I've never made that mistake again but my god it was awkward.

Fourth one...
So I get a message on facebook from a guy I used to go to school with, he was now a banker in London and because of this story will be forever known as the original BankerW@nker. He asked me on a date and he did plan it pretty well.
We went to Barrafina which is seriously nice tapas - I recommend! It's quite pricey though.
It was a bit odd though because he refused to eat because he never ate after 4pm. He also went to the gym at about 5am every morning. This would never have worked out... I like lie ins and cooking dinner so it was hardly a  match made in heaven.

We then went to the Experimental Cocktail Club. This place is hidden behind a door in ChinaTown, so unless you know where it is you can't go. Everyone seems to know about it now though so its not quite so special any more but it is seriously cool. Again pretty pricey.

So this date all in all was a success, he was cute, although he was a blonde and I definitely prefer dark haired men.
It was the fourth or fifth date with him which was the bombshell...
We went shopping and then for drinks (all very civilised). Then, whilst having drinks, he dropped the bombshell on me that he actually already had a girlfriend and she lived in America..AND he was flying out to see her that weekend.

What on earth is wrong with people!!!

I also:
had a boyfriend forget to call or text me ON MY BIRTHDAY
had someone cheat on me on holiday and then write a magazine article about it! Not sure how he planned to keep that quiet....
had a boyfriend become facebook friends with a girl whilst I was on holiday WITH HIM and them him message her after the holiday...
got dumped in a pub for not being "marriage material" (pretty insulting I must say)
had a boyfriend use the phrase "it would be nice if you were slimmer"
had a guy call me f-ing fat (is there a theme developing!?) - the only time I've ever punched anyone in the face and I'm still proud of it - he tried to hit me back which shows the kind of guy he was! He also called me the c word...very polite man
had a boyfriend turn up at 11pm on valentines day! The reason he was late?? He'd been at a strip club...

I repeat "What on earth is wrong with people!!!"

My recent dating history has been much better - things are looking up!!


Lobster and CropTops

Thursday, 22 May 2014

I spent the morning looking at very confusing Bloomberg Spreadsheets and learning about shorting currencies...we therefore deserved a nice lunch and I was taken to Burger and Lobster in Harvery Nics.

I've been to the one in the City before but I must say the one in Harvey Nics was much nicer. I think I'm just swayed by the location though. I don't really like the "City". I think it's full of sleazy w@nker bankers who think they are the best thing since sliced bread just because they wear a suit to work. I've met a few, although undoubtedly there are also some who work in the West End! Maybe I will do a post about the worst dates I've been one... I've been on a few over the past 5 years.

Anyway - Burger and Lobster. The issue with this place is you can't book so you need to get there early. This wasn't an issue for me because I was starvingggg! There are only three options on the menu (so don't take a vegetarian) and they are all £20.

1. A burger
2. A grilled or steamed lobster
3. A lobster roll (pictured above)

All three come with (really good) chips and salad. 
I went for the grilled lobster. I don't really like burgers, but even if I did I wouldn't pay £20 for one.
The food didn't disappoint, it never does, the only issue is you get messy hands and you need gum for the garlic breathe. Luckily I still had gum from yesterday!

I really enjoy going to Burger and Lobster but I would say take your friends there rather than go on a date. It is annoying if you have to go to dinner at 6pm and still not be guaranteed a table. Plus there is the mess of eating lobster in front of someone. Maybe it is a date place just not a first date.

I didn't take pictures because it was a lunch meeting with three men so it might have been a bit odd if I'd got my camera out...

After lunch I went back to the office but found some time to stop in Topshop...oops!

I set myself a New Years Resolution to be 8st 12lb by my brother's wedding in June. I was 9st 7lb on 1st January and I'm now 8st 13lb so I've lost 8lbs so far and have one to go!
I therefore think I look quite good at the moment (arrogant I know) and have been toying with the idea of a crop top for a while.

When I was about 11 I bloody loved a crop top! But then I grew boobs, hit puberty and generally stayed away from this 90s fashion staple! 

Now they're back I'm trying to work out how to wear one without looking:
fat (again) (it's my main concern)

I've recently purchase the BEST disco pants from In fact I ordered them in three colours.

They are £12 and I bought them in navy, berry AND black. They have a really thick strip of elastic at the top so they suck in your fat which I obviously enjoy. I therefore thought a white crop top would go rather well with the navy ones.

I tried on three (apologies for the body shots but you can never tell what they really look like on a skinny topshop model!)

I felt like this was a cute top, but the peplum bit at the bottom didn't really do me any favours...

I bought this one. I think it will look cute with the blue disco pants. Hopefully I'll go out this weekend and get a chance to wear it!

I liked this one but my bra stuck out the side and I don't think I would be able to find a bra that didn't!

The off the shoulder white crop top was £10... a bargain. Although I could probably get the same thing in Primark because it isn't exactly a tricky design to make!

I tried ona couple of Black ones too but decided on White to show off my tannnn!

I also bought toothpaste and an everyday tan from dull, I am clearly not going to review those!!

A day off work = sore feet!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

So my boss is away for three days so I figured I would take a day off and enjoy the City! My daddy is recently retired so I asked if he wanted to spend the day in London with me! We are redoing out kitchen at my parents' house (it's a building site!) so I think he enjoyed the time away.

I'm in the process of buying a flat in Battersea so I walked to Battersea Park to meet my Dad off the train and explore the area / find somewhere that serves decent wine!

This was my first walk of the day but not the last!! My CityMapper app said it would take 35mins and burn 135 calories so that's not a bad start.

I really recommend CityMapper. I only just got it and bearing in mind it's a free app I don't know why I haven't before!

Anyway I met my daddy and we ended up at Boqueria for some Tapas. Apparently the Battersea one only opened in April but they've had one in Clapham for two years.

We had a glass of Tempranillo each (just what I needed on my day off :) ) and had a selection of tapas.
The aioli was really strong and garlicky just how it should be so I recommend that...maybe take gum though or just don't do this as a date place! VERY garlicky!

The selection of meats.

The patatas bravas was a bit average so I didn't take a picture. It was more like La Tasca Tapas than really good quality patatas bravas. The rest of the food was great though especially the cured meats which they sliced fresh off the leg.

I would go there again, the food was good quality and it wasn't pricey which some tapas places really are.

After lunch we decided to visit the Natural History Museum and see their new exhibition - Britain one million years of the human story.

Unfortunately my Daddy had forgotten his Oyster card so we walked... CityMapper said 50 mins and 217 calories so we figured we would burn off lunch. We walked through Battersea Park which was a rather slow process. My daddy has just got a new camera (the Nikon d800e I think??) so we kept stopping to take pictures. My one below hardly does it justice I'm sure his will turn out better!

The exhibition was really great, so interesting and mad to think that we have been on this earth one million years. I never realised that lions rhinos and hippos all lived in England either! Remains of lions have been found at Trafalgar Square!

I recommend the exhibition - the Natural History Museum generally run great exhibitions. The one opening this Friday is about mammoths and they have a real preserved 1 year old mammoth arriving this week!

Nymeria what are you doing here!!?! 
(Sorry/not sorry to those people who don't watch Game Of Thrones!)

I finished the day by walking another 40 minutes (167 calories) back to Victoria to drop my daddy off..... Now my feet seriously hurt.

 I had to go have a glass of wine with my friend to numb the pain...can you blame me!
We went to the Caxton Grill by St James Park - nice ambiance and the hotel always smells AMAZING!!! But what the hell are these bar snacks they presented us with!?!??

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