You Beauty Advent Calendar Days 18-24

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Are you ready for the final Advent Calendar haul?

I'm actually quite sad that I'm not going to get a present everyday anymore!

18th December

On day 18 I got John Masters Organic shampoo and conditioner.

I do think its a bit odd that they are different flavours...and they didn't make my hair feel particularily amazing and out of this world!

These are both 1 fluid oz. And 8fluid ozs retails for £ £4 for both of these.

19th December

On the 19th I got quite a large sample of Benefit Porefessional.

I've used this before and do like it. It is a very creamy texture and is skin coloured so makes your skin look more even before you even put foundation on top.

This retails for £10 for this size.

20th December

I am super excited to try this face fake tan by James Read.

The packaging is so pretty and I've read really good reviews.

50ml is £25 so this retails for £12.50

21st December

Oh my god I loveeee this serum.

At £125 for 15ml I don't think I will repurchase when I run out but it makes my skin feel amazingggg!

It doesn't say how much is in this mini one but from google I think it is 2.5ml and therefore it is valued at £20.80! Very pricey but very good!!

22nd December

I was excited for this day as the door was so big!

This is a full size Rituals Fortune Scrub which retails for about £8

It smells really nice and orangey but I haven't actually tried it on my face yet!

23rd December

On the 23rd I got a bath oil.

Now I know I don't like the smell of roses so I didn't even open this and gave it away for Christmas

It retails at about £6

24th December 

The final day :(

I got this sleep plus pillow spray. 

I haven't tried it yet so cannot comment,but it retails at £6

Slightly disappointing for the final day, I think they should have put the face scrub on the final day!

Overall I must say that this is the best advent calendar IN THE WORLD.

I have added up the total value and it is:

Day 1 £8
Day 2 £12
Day 3 £5
Day 4 £10
Day 5 £4
Day 6 £10
Day 7 £16
Day 8 £15
Day 9 £16
Day 10 £4
Day 11 £19
Day 12 £19
Day 13 £6
Day 14 £3
Day 15 £8
Day 16 £12
Day 17 £11
Day 18 £4
Day 19 £10
Day 20 £12.50
Day 21 £20.80
Day 22 £8
Day 23 £6
Day 24 £6

Total £245.30

Bearing in mind I just asked my Mum how much she paid for it and she said £50 I think I did pretty well!!

Lush Brightside Bubble Bar - Review

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Inspired by my girl +Jessica Martin I thought I would review a Lush product.

...not just any Lush product - a bubble bar!

I might have got overexcited and ripped the label open before taking a photo!

I prefer Bubble Bars to bath bombs as they actually produce a hell of a lot of bubbles rather than just fizzing and making the water smell nice and feel nice.

I used half of this bar, but in hindsight I could have used a quarter!

It is a beautiful bright orange...and smells of oranges!

As the bits of bubble bar dissolved the orange crept up the bath...

Making the water more orange...

And then an extreme orange...with an extreme amount of bubbles!

What I liked so much about this bar is how silky it made the water feel.

My skin afterwards felt like an absolute dream!

I'm not too sure about the orange scent as it isn't my favourite, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who does love that smell.

What's your favourite bubble bar from Lush??

Comment below and let me know!

Christmas Shopping....for myself!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

I took a couple of days off last week and finished off my Christmas Shopping!

Unfortunately I got distracted and bought many things for myself instead!

I started in the big Boots at Piccdilly Circus...

My first stop was the Essie counter and I picked myself a nail polish as well as one for a friend for Christmas

A lady then came up to me and asked if I needed help...I brushed her off and said no and then she veryyyy helpfully told me that I could have a free gift if I bought two Essie nail varnishes!

This wasn't advertised and I wouldn't even have known if she hadn't told maybe I shouldn't be so quick to brush off help!

I picked the colour Sole Mate which is a really gorgeous dark plum and I got this Winter Collection set worth £13 free!

The picture really doesn't do this Sole Mate colour justice - its gorgeous!

The next stop was the L'Oreal Counter.

I wanted to buy a new BB cream as I was running low on my Maybelline one and I used to use the L'Oreal one and really enjoy it.

It was £10 and I saw that if you bought £15 worth of stuff you got a free gift box worth £30!

Obviously I had to buy something for an extra £5 just to get a good deal!

I bought one of the Collection Exclusive Nudes... the J.Lo one...everyone wants to look like J.Lo! And it is in fact the perfect nude for my skin tone!

As a free gift I got a Volume Million Lashes Mascara, White eyeliner, Red nail varnish (sorry can't remember the name) and a red lipstick in the colour 297 red passion.

This is suchhhh a nice red for Christmas!!

It was literally worth getting the free gift just for the lipstick!

Next I headed up Regent Street and stopped at a shop called Kiko...

I've never seen this shop before or even heard of this brand....but I am impressed!

They had rows and rows of different makeup, but I was drawn to the eyshadows.

You can pick what size palette you want and then choose the colours you want to put in it!

Just look how pigmented the colours are!

I picked up a four piece palette and four colours...

Each eyeshadow is £5.90 and the palette is £4.90.
They had a deal on though so I got the whole lot for £19.

You start with your empty palette

And add in your colours

This is colour 401

Colour 234

Colour 257

Colour 210

So pretttyyyyy

My next stop was Superdrug (for the things I forgot in Boots!).
I got hairdye (L'oreal casting creme gloss in dark chocolate incase you wondered) and a new serum by L'oreal Skin Perfection.

I feel that in the Winter a serum is necessary...

Finally I headed over to Primark...ploughed through a million things and ended up with a floppy black hat (which I've wanted for ages), two necklaces, some individual false eyelashes and a double ended makeup brush.
Nothing crazy exciting!

I was going out that evening so decided to do a smokey eye with my new Kiko Palette!

Below is the process...

I started with my face makeup done...

Don't mind my onesie!

I then used my NARS eyeshadow primer

And used the matte terracotta kind of colour as my transition stage

And then added in the rose gold colour on my lid, inner corner and underneath my lash line

I then used the purple plum colour to deepen up my crease and dragged it under the outer corner of my under eye 

I added eyeliner... 

And lashes... 

and was done! 

I literally love these colours for a smokey eye! 

Made With Love By The Dutch Lady Designs