Vegas 2016 - Day 7 - Disneyland

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Day 7
Tuesday 30th August

I have done a few Disney blogs in the past...and by a few I mean more than 10I've been to Disneyland Paris three times and Florida twice...but I'd never been to California!

My aim is to a) See all the Wonders of the World and b) Visit all the Disney parks!I only have the Asia ones to go (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai) and I'm doing one of those next year so I will keep you updated

Anyway... we woke up early and drove five minutes to Disneyland!

This Disney has two parks; Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park

We deliberated for quite a while whether to get the two park ticket or the one park ticket and eventually settled on the two park one.

I'm really glad we did! The Disneyland Park (where the castle is) is quite small so I don't think you could fill a full day with one park.Our first stop was the Cars area in the Adventure Park.

I've never actually seen Cars, but the ride was really good!

We also went over to the Bugs Life land and went on some rides there.

Plus I had my first EVER Disney character photosKind of wish it had been with someone I'm more passionate about - a Disney Princess perhaps...but it was exciting all the same.

Usually at Disney I find the Character photo queues to be huge, but they really weren't at this Disney

Our next stop was the theatre...

And we experienced the highlight of our day

We read in a leaflet that there was a Frozen show on...

But we didn't realise it was a full on Broadway/West End style musical play!

It was SO well doneAnd we all ended up crying because of how magical and amazing it was.

At one point Elsa's outfit and hair completely changed when she was singing Let It Go...She was just standing there and her outfit suddenly changed!

The whole audience gasped and freaked out!

Honestly - if you go to Disney, go see this show! It should be on the West End

After we'd seen Frozen and pulled ourselves together we went over to the wheel that I've seen in so many Instagram posts but never in real life

Unfortunately the wheel broke (with people inside it!) so we couldn't go on it!We went on many other rides though

And after lunch went over to the other park

This Disney is the original Disneyland and the only Disney which Walt Disney oversaw construction of.

It is its 60 year anniversary :)

I am going to be honest... I was really surprised by how small the castle is!

This castle is Sleeping Beauty's and its 77ft high...

Cinderella's Castle in Florida is 189ft high!

So no wonder I was surprised

Just FYI Paris' Castle (which is also Sleeping Beauty's) is 167ft high

I love Sleeping Beauty, she's one of my favourite Disney Princesses...really must watch it again - note to self!

For my OOTD I wore my Primark Disney body again!

Its less than £5 from Primark and they still sell it!

We went on loads of rides over in the Disneyland Park

Although I was quite upset that the Haunted Mansion was closed.

They were already setting up for Halloween apparently!

The queues for the rides were really short as the USA school children had just gone back to school.

So we got lucky on that account!

The final ride we went on was Splash Mountain 

Which probably wasn't our finest choice as the sun had set and we got DRENCHED!I could wring out my socks and shoes and got quite cold!

After dinner (still with wet feet) we went over to get a good spot for the light parade.

This light parade was amazing!

So well done and on such a huge scale

After the light parade it was time for the fireworks.

The problem with having a tiny castle is it is very hard to see the projections on the castle that go along with the songs and fireworks

Especially when you choose a spot right behind a big tree

It was still truly magical though

I can't imagine anyone seeing the Disney fireworks and not be filled with happiness :)

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth after all!

Vegas 2016 - Day 6 - Calico Ghost Town and Anaheim

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Day 6
Monday 29th August

Waking up on our final morning in Vegas was a sad moment...

But the trip was not was time for a roadtrip to LA!

We picked up our SUV and started the long journey through the dessert to our first stop... Calico Ghost Town!

One of the hottest places I've ever been

It was 111degrees! Which is 44 degrees to you British people

Calico is an old mining town which was established in 1881 and is about a two hour drive from Vegas
After 12 years of production silver ore lost its the town became a ghost town

You can now visit it and see what it used to be like

I'm not sure how many of the buildings are originals and how many are recreations

But its pretty old regardless

We were all dripping with sweat so didn't stay too long...

We needed to get back in the air con and continue our drive to Anaheim

It took nearly another three hours to get to Anaheim and I felt seriously bad that Zahra was doing all the driving.

I tried my hardest to be a good DJ to make it up to her...but I just can't resist the Country Music stations they have in America!

An interesting fact about me... I love country music; and knew most of the words to the songs that came on.

I like to think my friends were impressed... not sure they actually were!

When we arrived in Anaheim, we checked into our Air BnB and headed out to Anaheim's Packing District

If you're in Anaheim definitely go here. Its a kind of warehouse full of all different restaurants and stalls.

They even have a mermaid themed speak easy downstairs! 

We had Indian food and I got to satisfy my Pani Puri craving which I've had since I got back from India in April

At the packing district we met up with my friend Chi!

We met in Costa Rica in February and it was so lovely to be reunited

We obviously have a thing for icecream...because this is us in Costa Rica!

This ice cream was amazing...better than the Costa Rica stuff I think
It looks like an ice lolly shape, but its ice cream and they drizzle it with chocolate and dip it in whichever toppings you want!

Seriously yum!

After our dinner we hugged Chi and headed home for an early night... important preparation for Disney the next day as we were super exhausted!

2 Tinder Disasters

Thursday, 22 September 2016

As you may have noticed, my blog has moved away from being a dating blog (which is how it started) and turned into a beauty and travel blog.

This is because I haven’t been dating, I’ve been in a relationship since December.

Fortunately some of my friends have been dating and I get to hear about their dating disasters!

Some of them are kind enough to let me use their stories as guest blogs - two of these are below!!

If you want to see my previous guest dating blog you can find it here. I warn you its horrific!


“So me and Shellfish (name explanation to come) had a first date… which went pretty well, and he came back to mine. Don’t judge I’m a single grown up I can do what I like. Here is where he made a common mistake which boys make… he didn’t have any protection with him (VERY important) and I didn’t either so obviously we weren’t going to have sex. Instead stuff happened and he had a “great time” he then rolled over just to cuddle me. I was having none of it (proud girl moment) and explained to him that he could also give me a “great time”. Guys just do not understand that some girls would probably just rather not have sex and have a lot of foreplay. They seem to think they’re so amazing in bed that the be all and end all is the actual act of sex. 

He said “oh no I can’t do anything to you because you’ll enjoy it so much we’ll end up having sex”. Honestly girls, I can see you all virtually rolling your eyes right now. You’re not that great boys…
He continued to ask me what time I get up in the morning (implying he would be staying over)… so I ruined that idea for him and asked him to leave. 

I told him I was annoyed and I think he took it on board because over the next week or so he kept messaging me saying how he wanted to “please me”.

A couple of weeks later I gave him another chance with a second date. We actually had a really good date the first time round so I thought he deserved a chance.

The second date, again, was really good and we had a nice time. We walked to the bus stop when the date was over and he asked to come back to mine, I felt a bit awkward and I made my excuses and said no. I don’t want him being Selfish (Shellfish) all over again. He then tried to play the “we can just cuddle card” which I ignored.

As we were having this conversation my bus arrived so I said “That’s my bus I’ve got to go”… then (awks) as I walked away to leave he shouted “I love you” after me.

He might have been a bit tipsy…but not drunk so I cannot understand where this bizarre statement came from. Maybe he was trying to be funny?

A week went by with minimal communication, this pleased me (something he didn't achieve) as I thought it would fizzle out in a mutual manor. But I was not so lucky as the 3rd date request flashed up on my screen. I am always awkward in these situations but spent the time constructing a thoughtful and quite frankly nice refusal with a "its just not feeling right" theme. I thought it kind to shield him from the real reason that a cuddling selfish man does not set my world on fire.....  he subsequently blocked me on WhatsApp..."

Bike Boy

"Another Tinder date... We were supposed to go for a drink on a Thursday but at the last minute he was working late and cancelled. The following Friday I wanted to come home early and have a night in watching trash TV...but he messaged and said he wanted to make up for the drink he missed. 

He asked if we could meet at 8 so I went home washed my hair and got ready. I left the house at 7.40 and then he text to say he wouldn't be there until 8.30. I'd already left so I got there early and had a drink by myself at the bar. I was standing there for quite a while and was getting chatted up by weirdos so this wasn't ideal...

By 8.50 I was annoyed and decided to walk to the bus and go home. He text at 9 saying that he would be there apology, nothing. I was all for going home but he asked me to come back and said that he'd be there in 15 minutes (9.15) and I was already out so I went back to the bar. 

He might have had a genuine reason for being late and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. 

He finally arrived an hour and 15 minutes after we were meant to meet, had a seriously annoying South African accent and didn't even apologise for his lateness. So I was put off!

His reason for being late was that he had been to pick up a new bike and had got lost....then whilst riding his new bike to meet me had cycled past a pub...where all his friends happened to be and he HAD TO go in and see them. 

I was unimpressed and I think it was obvious.

30 minutes after arriving, so 9.45 he said that he had to go because he was having a night out with his cousin. 

He then offered to walk me to the bus stop, but when I mentioned that it was in the opposite direction to his brand new precious bike he skedaddled the other way! 

Probably the worst date I've ever been on... 

That night he messaged me saying he'd had a great time and we should do it again some time.

It will not be happening again."

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